CLARITY: Ten Proven Strategies to Transform Your Life with Diane Altomare

When you look for fulfillment from external things, you’re bound to be disappointed. But what if the things you desire are already available to you and the only reason you aren’t able to access them is because you tackle the problem from the outside when you should look inward? In CLARITY: Ten Proven Strategies to Transform Your Life (March 2016; SelectBooks), author and life coach Diane Altomare shows you how to live life from the inside out, make peace with the past and identify the necessary steps to take so you can create what you truly want and need.

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Diane Altomare is an integrative life coach and keynote speaker at lectures and events around the country. She has been featured on syndicated radio shows including, iHeartRadio, and contributes to Finer Minds, an online resource of personal wellness information and enlightened ideas. Diane received her certification as a Master Level Coach from the Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching, founded by Debbie Ford. She divides her time between sunny Southern California and rainy Seattle, which she describes as the best of both worlds. Please visit Altomare’s website at or her Facebook page for more information.