Dancing with Your Fear (and ALL of your emotions!) with Denise Keenan

Would you like to heal and release the underlying fears that show up in your life in the form of procrastination, anxiety, irritation. Lethargy and confusion?

What if you could befriend the energy of your fear and use it for creativity, passion and joy in your life?

Let’s talk about how you can take the energy of all of your emotions, befriend it and embody it for better health – mentally, physically and spiritually – resulting in a more productive, creative, radiant life

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About Denise:

denise-keenanDenise Keenan is a master bodyworker,clinical hypnotherapist, certified HypnoBirthing Instructor, and certified science of the breath facilitator in the healing arts profession for twenty five years. She’s trained in shamanism, kahuna, yoga, trance dance and other movement techniques, as well as a wide variety of holistic therapies. Her dynamic presence will coax the best from you and she will teach you to recognize your own essential, excellent potential.She has studied and worked with such luminaries as Stuart Wilde and Andy Caponigro, founder of the Pranic Energy Healing Institute. Denise works with therapeutic applications of the science of breath and hypnotherapy in calming and healing the body of the effects of stress, trauma and repressed emotional tension. She has had training in a wide variety of therapies including 5-Path™ and Transpersonal hypnotherapy, Yoga, Aikido, Alexander Technique, Transformational Breath, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Pranic Energy Healing, NLP,Feldenkrais Technique and other techniques.

She has studied Temple Lomi Lomi and Shamanic Healing in Hawaii with Kumu Lawrence K. Aki, Kumu Wayne Kealohi Powell and Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim. She’s done ritual with Druid priests in Ireland and Mayan curanderos in Mexico. She has traveled, lectured, and practiced nationwide.

Denise offers her rare combination of intuition, strength and gentleness to everyone she meets and her work is a reflection of her passion for life. She’s traveled extensively in search of methods of healing that are effective, non-invasive and threat free.