How Relationships are a Gateway to Your Soul with Cristin Russell

So much of life is about relationships, with the many layers of yourself and with others. Your relationships can help you expand and integrate who you are as a soul throughout every area of your life. During this show we’ll explore how the emotional triggers you experience in relationships are guiding you to get to know yourself more deeply and align more fully with your soul.

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About Cristin:


Cristin Russell has been a Life & Soul Coach for 10 years helping people access, heal, and express their soul potential. She’s been through breakups, divorce, and relationship chaos that inspired her to intense introspection, spiritual seeking, and personal growth. She helps clients embrace their inner wisdom and unconditional love so they can create more loving relationships with themselves and others. Her work helps create alchemy, expansion, and evolution with EFT tapping and Metatronia therapy.