Victim vs. Creator with Carolyn Caputo

You know her…She’s bold and confident. She knows exactly what she wants….And she gets it. She’s living your dream.. Why? Because she’s you. Only you haven’t quite fully given yourself permission to become the conscious creator you are yet. Tune in to find out how to own your power, trust your intuition and say goodbye to settling for good.


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About Carolyn:


Carolyn is an intuitive energy healer and a Mind / Soul Mastery Coach who believes in a world of imagination, adventure, and simplicity. She works with trailblazing Entrepreneurs and Visionaries with a desire to loose the excuses, break free of the hesitation, uncertainty and fear and finally share their message with made confidence & crazed clarity. She specializes in teaching you to shift from who you think you should be to who you really are because it’s your life so it should be your adventure.