Encore: Silent Light with Arianna Zimmer

The mind talks, it loves to ask questions, tell us what, why, how, where and when we are doing what we’re doing. It’s a beautiful, charming, noisy tool that allows us to have a fabulous thing, a personality that knows how this place called Earth functions, how to communicate with other beings having a human experience, how to care for our physical body, how to maneuver through a store and a myriad of other thoroughly helpful activities. Again, our minds are a tool, to be used and then shut off, much like a phone, a computer, a vehicle. Use it when we need it’s wonderful services and then just turn it off.

Yet our minds travel with us, we do not set them down easily. It’s a practiced experience to let the mind go much as it was a practiced experience when we were young to use them.

On this episode of Truth Talk, Arianna will play in the space of presence, of silence, of stillness, and yet so much more than the words can point to. An experience that We Are, not just that we experience. We are not our minds, we are an infinite stream of love, light, energy, awareness, consciousness… that by Being, not thinking of or doing, allows us to access, allows the energies that We Are to flow through us, as what We Are. It’s more akin to being held than holding and yet it’s both and even more. So let’s take a step into an aspect of the I Am that is here to gift to us all today!

Arianna’s knowing of this space being approached, the I Am, is that there are multi-faucets to It’s existence and each one of us are our own unique key to the infinite, eternal energy of the I Am that We Are. We are infinite Beings here in physical form in a 3D experience that is shifting into a multi-dimensional experience as we enter the I Am space. In this chosen experience, the personality drops away and the mind silences as it’s a place where the mind is not a key player, the energy that We Are guides our experiences, or vibration, sometimes our inner sight, knowing, and/or feeling is activated and shows us an interpreted aspect of what the vibration is for us, sometimes it’s the vibration of being that envelopes us, nourishes us, feeds us in a way the mind cannot, for it is only a tool. This energy of being reminds us that our very essence is this, the infinite love/light energy that Is everywhere, every when, every Now moment.

Each dive into this place of I Am is unique. At times the mind wants to recreate the past experience, as it has a reference point from the Now that was. Letting each Now moment be it’s own unique expression of the All that Is through us shows us a greater and greater variety of the infinitely shifting and gifting presence of the I Am. Allowing for this shifting allows each of us to know our true Self on a vaster, grander scale, with depths to our Being that are unimaginable to the mind, yet We Are that. So relax, be spacious in the body, mind, emotions and spirit and allow whatever comes, to Be Here Now.

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About Arianna:


After receiving a B.Sc. in Zoology from the University of Calgary, Arianna worked in Norman Wells, NWT as a cumulative effects biologist and met and married her husband while living there. Two children followed shortly after returning to her home province of Alberta and so did the blossoming of her spiritual life. Knowing there was so much more to experience, she set out learning about energy first with Reiki, and then through a myriad of other modes including Mediumship, Conscious Coaching, Angelic Awakenings, and initiations, openings and energy from all over the planet in her varied travels.She has recently moved to Ontario where she and her family are building a new home. Many adventures in conscious expression and expansion await as her conscious community continues to grow and awaken.