My Lesson in Trust: How My Guides + Angels Walked Me Out of the Woods

So, I’ve been having so much fun traveling around the country, teaching workshops. I love the opportunity for new adventures, and typically, depending on what city I’m in, one thing that I always love to do while I’m traveling is to go for a hike or two while I’m there.

Last week in Santa Fe was no different. There’s a specific hike out there that I’ve taken a few times, and I love this hike in particular, because you get to experience a couple of streams, which is atypical for Santa Fe, not to mention you’re amongst the trees for the entire hike, which feels really good for my body and energy.

While I knew I was leaving to go on the hike a bit late, closer to 4:30 or 5 pm, I wasn’t worried, as in the past, the direction to go in and get back to my car has been pretty straight forward.

As I started walking, everything felt pretty normal and typical. It wasn’t until about half way through the hike, when I came to this one section, where it wasn’t clear the direction to go in. For me, I picked a direction to go, though, and kept walking.

As it started to get later and later, though, and I realized I was getting close to the time the hike should have been complete, though I wasn’t seeing my starting point, I felt myself in high awareness. While I wasn’t worried, as I always trust that my Guides and Angels (G&A’s) have got me, the logical side of me was thinking it probably wasn’t the best idea that I was out there with the sun setting soon and my phone dying.

I kept trusting, though, and I kept checking inside to see where to go. I ended up seeing these pink flags (a good sign, or at least a sign of life?), and finally got to a dirt road. The challenge with the dirt road, though, was that I had no idea where this dirt road was, including where it was in relation to where I had parked. That being said, I felt my G&A’s guiding me. As I hit this road, I asked, “Left or right.” They indicated left, and within a few minutes, I saw a pick-up truck coming up the road. I flagged them down, figuring that my G&A’s wouldn’t lead me astray, and asked them the direction to where I had come from. They indicated it was in the other direction, and thankfully, the driver asked me if I wanted a ride.

Now, I implicitly believe that my G&A’s aren’t leading me to serial killers :), so I did a quick intuitive check-in and got in the truck of these somewhat strange, and (hopefully!) completely harmless men.

It turns out I was ten miles away from my car. I ended up getting back to my car just before sunset. As I got into my car, I felt the gratitude of always feeling guided and trusting in my life.

As I later shared this story with friends and family, though, their response was a bit different. It made me realize how much we are conditioned to live in fear of the unknown and to not trust that we are always being guided.

And, what if you could create a different experience? This is one of my intentions for this weekend’s Awakening to Your Feminine Workshop, as trust is a feminine energy. You can find more details in this post, and registration closes at 9 pm ET tonight, so if you’re planning on attending, I recommend signing up now! (I know many of you have already registered, and there will be a replay if you’re unable or unsure if you can make it live!)

Look forward to seeing you there!

To complete trust!