The Simple Process I Use To (Co-)Create Everything In My Life

Many of you know, I moved a couple of months ago. When I moved, one of the things I was guided to do was to sell all of my furniture and get new furniture, which was definitely quite the stretch!

Through this process, though. what’s becoming quite clear, is a process I developed for myself to actually create what I want, a process I initially used to find my (amazing!!) assistant and also, my amazing apartment. (This process can be used for everything, including finding a love partner (and creating your relationship), new job, new home, new car, etc.!)

What is this process?

1. Create a list of exactly what you’d want to have (and even, feel), if you weren’t settling, and hold the space for it.

When I first started this process, I created a list of what I wanted in my furniture, including what I wanted to feel. 

What did this list include?

It included feeling calm, me loving it and it being comfortable, to name a few. 

Right away in doing so, this helped me to get clear and place my wish list to the Universe. 

With this, I held the space and vision for what it would look and feel like in my new place, which included seeing it in my mind.

Then, many times before I went into the store, especially in the beginning, I’d read my wishlist. This brings me to #2. 🙂

2. Get in the feeling of it before you even start moving forward. 

As part of the above, I’d get into the feeling of it. So, for example, I’d feel how comfy it was and what I’d want it to feel like in my apartment. (In the case of my assistant, one of the things I did was to feel what it felt like for us to work together. By the way, the first time we got on the phone (before I hired her!), she started working for me, showing me what areas of opportunity she saw in my business. Having a partner for my work was another thing I had put on my list!)

3. Say no to all of the things that don’t feel quite right. 

Through this process, I had many opportunities to say no. Many times, this meant two things:

First, I had to notice where I was forcing it or rushing. (It didn’t help that my aunt had very generously leant me some furniture in the interim, and I was eager to get it back to her.)

With this, too, it was amazing to me, though I guess not surprising, how many sales people wanted me to make a decision on the spot and looked at me like I had two heads when I said I was going to think about it. It had taken many years to cultivate a practice of not people pleasing or buying into others’ timelines, which came in handy during this process. 

Second, I had to notice when something felt slightly off. This happened several times, including with my dining room table and with my dresser and night stands. What was interesting with the latter was that, while the bed that went with it felt exactly right, I found myself delaying the purchase. It was finally (again!) when I took some space and stepped into consciousness around what I was doing that I asked myself why.

My intuitive answer:

“Something about it doesn’t feel light. It just doesn’t feel quite right.”

So, I stepped into infinite possibilities (which is a part of holding space for your vision) and asked for more options, again, trusting the process and that I would find the perfect pieces. 

With this, too, it also meant noticing what I was saying yes to. The more times I said yes to what felt exactly right, and said no to what didn’t, the more I was getting very clear with the Universe, this is exactly what I want and the more I attracted, and really, created it.

4. Reap the rewards and take in the fruits of your labor!

While the journey is always fun, too, this is the final (and most fun!) part of the process!

For me, this is just beginning to happen, but I cannot wait to be sitting in my apartment, feeling the abundance and calm in all of my choices, as I continue to create the next level of my life!

This level is for all of us, but we have to choose it first, taking massive action, before the Universe chooses it, too!

Happy Manifesting!


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