The one tool that I’ve used to close over one million dollars in business

Many of you know that I’ve been in medical sales for over 5 years.  Throughout that time, I’ve seen the good with the bad, but in the last year and a half, I changed one thing that changed everything.

You see, it started in January 2014.  I started clearing my energy blocks around abundance, and I noticed my sales started to increase.  Now, let me be clear about this.  I hadn’t changed a thing in my sales routine.  

What I did change, though, was what I attached to.  I saw a prime opportunity to recognize that The Universe wanted to and was supporting me.  I took this proof and created a mantra that worked for me, and a year and a half later, and over a million dollars in sales later, this mantra is still working for me.  I will be sharing this mantra, along with tons of other tools that have made me tens of thousands of dollars, in my Tapping Into Your Abundance class, but whether you’re able to be there or not, this tool is simple:

1. Find proof of something that is working in your life, something that’s true for you and is already happening.

2. Attach to it. (I.e. – really believe in it and take in that it’s true for you and put it out there as such.)

3. Create a mantra that supports it.  (Some examples I’ve used include: I always have more than enough.  I get random checks in the mail.  I get clients easily and without effort.)