The Importance of Owning Your Needs to Minimize (and Even Eliminate) Anxiety and Feel More Fulfilled

Many of you know, I moved a couple of months ago. When I moved, one of the things I was guided to do was to sell all of my furniture and get new furniture, which was definitely quite the stretch!

Before Monday’s New Moon (and even after), if you’re at all like me, the last six weeks have taken you for quite a ride! Now, this isn’t in a negative way, but this “ride” so-to-speak, is calling us to deepen within our own internal sense of “home,” and with this, to deepen into our bodies more and feel the unresolved parts of us that want to return to wholeness.

With this, we are being called forth to create new and deeper routines that can ground us during this.

For me, personally, as I’ve listened to my soul to do the work I know I need to do to not only create my next level, but to heal the remnants of what’s left of my old self, all the while adjusting to my new environment while spending most of my time alone, I’ve found it especially important to develop strong practices and routines that help me to feel calm, safe, whole and fulfilled. And, whether you can relate to this or not, if you’ve found what’s going on in our world challenging at all, this is especially the time to create practices that can help you to maintain your balance and inner peace to face, and even thrive, in this world.

As part of this, I wanted to share a practice with you that I’ve been doing that I KNOW can make a big shift for you, if it’s not something you’re already doing mindfully and consciously. (For me, while at times, I did versions of what I mention in the video, I wasn’t aware of why I was doing what I was doing and what was really behind it, so having the consciousness around this, so that I can truly choose it, and most importantly, to know my why behind this (I.e., What choosing this fulfills for me.) has made all of the difference.)

With this, whether you’re just seeking to feel more calm and fulfilled, are struggling with anxiety or feeling alone or just want to put a practice in place that can help you when you feel triggered in any of your relationships (or potentially to prevent this altogether), this practice is super powerful.

I genuinely hope it helps you in your world, and I look forward to connecting with you more soon!

This Month’s Video: How Owning Your Needs Can Help Minimize (And Eliminate) Long-Term Anxiety to Feel More Fulfilled
How Owning Your Needs Can Help Minimize (And Eliminate) Long-Term Anxiety to Feel More Fulfilled

Have you struggled with anxiety over time? Understanding and mindfully owning your needs can help you to significantly shift your anxiety levels, feel less alone and live a more fulfilled and calm life, whether you suffer from anxiety or not. It can also help you to know how to take care of yourself when you’re feeling triggered in your relationships, and even, to prevent many triggers all together because of doing this. In today’s video, Deb walks you through how to do this and why this is so important.

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