The Bubba Room

I took a break this week to head back to Florida to visit a friend and, of course, my grandpa.

When I visit him, I am always surprised to hear a new fun fact or story from him. This time was no different.

You see, years ago, when my grandpa was really just getting started in his career, he managed a cloth diaper service, which he would later become a partner of. This was back in time before Proctor & Gamble took over the diaper industry.

As he took on this new role, he was super excited to grow the business, and with this excitement, came two ideas:

  1. Selling door-to-door, where he’d have male workers going out to make cold calls.
  2. Selling over the phones, where he hired a bunch of female workers to make sales over the phone, which is when The Bubba Room was created. This was the name my grandpa lovingly gave the room where his employees sat to make these calls.

At the time, both were different and not well-known in any sales environment, and both were incredibly successful.

And, I bring this up today to ask you what your “Bubba Room” is.

What’s your big idea or a baby that you haven’t shared with the world yet? Maybe no one has heard of it or it hasn’t been executed, or even executed well, that could take you from point A to B in your job or with your dreams, if those two are mutually exclusive?

Comment below – I’d love to know! And, if there’s something holding you back, I’d love to help you shift whatever’s in the way! Click here to learn more about my Coaching and sign-up for Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Call.

To your Bubba Room!