The Mourning of My Single Life

How I’m Attracting My Love Partner It wasn’t too long ago I ended up on an 8-hour non-date date. It was the kind of day you could spend a lifetime in, and he was the kind of person I felt like I had known before. And it was at the end of our day together when it hit me: The knowing that this would likely be one of my last first dates and the sadness that comes with losing the excitement, randomness and choice that comes with being single. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve spent my entire single life wishing […]

Love is in and on the air!

With the upcoming holiday, I wanted to send out my most recent Periscope Truth Talk Tuesday on Love! In it, I talk about: – What truth looks like when you’re single and/or dating – My Truth Experiment in Dating – What’s important to look at before you get back together with your ex – What scarcity can look like around dating As well as some unconscious patterns you might have around this! You can watch my most recent video below and join me live on Periscope every Tuesday @deborahacker! Also, if you haven’t already and you like the above Periscope video […]