The Importance of Knowing Your No and Communicating It

As I put myself out there in new ways, I am realizing just how many people have a hard time communicating their no. This used to be challenging for me, too, (and sometimes still is!). I remember, years ago, many times finding myself saying yes, even when I meant no, or awkwardly turning someone down, or even lying, to get out of something just because I didn’t know how to say no. But, as I’ve taken this journey to truth, connecting to my no and then knowing how to share it in a way that’s kind and clear, I realize […]

Saying No

It’s often something we don’t think about, but saying no can be hard. And, when we do work up the courage to say no, many times we feel the need to make up an excuse, or even worse, a lie, to get out of what’s being asked of us. Guess what, though?! There is an alternate way. Saying no doesn’t have to feel heavy and be filled with the energy of dread and hesitation. It can be as simple as saying no or just speaking from your truth. What does this look like? It’s simply speaking from your heart. Depending […]