Why You Should Cry More

why you should cry

How Our Tears Lead to Increased Happiness and Presence I want to talk about a question I’ve been getting a lot lately – about crying. I know, as a society, we’ve been conditioned not to cry, especially not in public, and even worse, that our tears are wrong. But what if our tears are the key to releasing our pain? And, what if every time you hold in your pain and don’t release it, you increase the odds of it happening again? Let me explain. When we’re kids, we have many difficult moments that happen, but unfortunately, with messages like, “Toughen […]

(Vulnerable post) My Truth Is…

What to do when You're Struggling

What To Do When You’re Struggling I know when I write a post or share a video I’m always excited, happy and smiling. But it wasn’t always this way. Anyone that really knew me 10 years ago would’ve known how much I struggled. I struggled with being focused on that ever-elusive happiness (and perfectionism). I struggled with knowing why I was here. I struggled with wanting to be loved. I kept settling for less than I desired and deserved. And, it wasn’t that long ago that I reached my breaking point. I was at a family friend’s house crying and […]

We have to believe we are magic

This past week I had the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream I didn’t even realize I had. You see when I was growing up I was a huge Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta fan. From Grease to Two-of-a-Kind to everything in between, I watched, sang and danced with them and, with that, stepped into the world of magic, miracles and more. You see, when I watched and listened to them: I believed in the power of love. I believed that things would work out. I believed in the happy ending. And, I hadn’t fully realized the impact of this […]

Do you worry a lot?

As many of you know, I travel a lot, and many times, these travels involve car rentals. In one of my recent travels, I arrived late at night, it was raining and I was in a hurry to get to my final destination. That being said, I didn’t pay too close attention to the vehicle that I was renting, which is very unlike me. In any case, I was coming out of the store the next morning and noticed a dent, not a scratch, but a dent, in the car. Eeek. To make a long story short, while I rarely […]

Consciousness at 92

My grandpa knows very little about the work I do. Shifting and clearing someone’s energy to help them create a new experience doesn’t mean too much him. Nor does consciousness or releasing emotions to raise your vibration, but he’s living proof you can always choose. You see it was several years ago when my grandpa lost his frontal vision to macular degeneration. He woke up one morning and the vision in his right eye was skewed. He went to the eye doctor and was diagnosed. Over the next three years, his sight began to shift until one day he was […]

When Flow Comes to Town

Ok, so now that I’ve got your attention :), let’s talk about the other flow. The flow I’m talking about is when magic, miracles and synchronicities keep showing up. You set the intention to move towards something and the Universe “high-fives” you. For me, this appeared most recently when I got guidance to leave my house. Yes, I was literally guided to leave my house! (What can I say – I just really enjoy spending time at home!) The gist of the guidance was if you leave your house, we will bring the magic in! And boy has the magic […]

A Different Take on Your Life Purpose

When we come here on the physical plane, we get so accustomed to thinking about our life purpose as our career. It’s almost like we get into this mindset that this is the only thing we came here to do as a being, but what if our life purpose isn’t necessarily what we came here to do in a work function at all? For me, I’ve always thought of life purpose as your biggest area for growth, with it falling into one of five categories. While it can fall under career, it can also fall under spirituality, health, relationship/family and […]

Love Equals

I was talking this week with a friend about our love models, and it got me thinking about how we internalize what love is and the love we receive in our childhoods. To understand this better, it’s important to look at how your parents showed up in your childhood and what you made this mean about what love equaled. For instance, did you grow up with critical parents? This might mean you made love equal to criticism. (I.e. – Criticizing someone is loving them.) While this might sound crazy, it would have been very easy to take this on and […]

What Scares You About Sharing Your Truth?

I’ve been thinking about Truth a lot lately. Why do we find it so hard to step into and share our truths? And, even more, why is it so important to really own and move towards our truth? Let me start with the second question first. The thing that really resonates for me with this is another question, two actually: At the end of my time here, will I have any regrets? Will I wish I had lived bigger and that I really honored my dreams, desires and choices? For me, this is the question that drives me and the […]