Do You Have a Dream or Desire You’re Not Pursuing? Where to Start…

Do you have a dream or desire you’re not pursuing? We’re being called, now more than ever, to own our desires and most importantly, to go after them. But, where do we begin, especially when fear, doubt and uncertainty start to creep in? Simply put, you have to get clear if your fear now is more important than your regret later.  As I pursue my biggest (and most scariest!) dreams and desires, my centering point is always if I’m going to have any regret at the end of my time here. When I center in this, while it doesn’t take […]

A Different Take on Your Life Purpose

When we come here on the physical plane, we get so accustomed to thinking about our life purpose as our career. It’s almost like we get into this mindset that this is the only thing we came here to do as a being, but what if our life purpose isn’t necessarily what we came here to do in a work function at all? For me, I’ve always thought of life purpose as your biggest area for growth, with it falling into one of five categories. While it can fall under career, it can also fall under spirituality, health, relationship/family and […]