(Video): Las Vegas Showgirl Abundance Activation??

Hello all! I hope you’re having a great week! Today’s video, a Las Vegas Showgirl Abundance Activation, (Yes, I’m being serious about that, as serious as one can be. :)) came to me in a meditation right before I left for my trip. You see, our intuition and imaginations bring us fun ways to play all of the time. We just have to be open to tuning in. For me, as I was in meditation and this was shown to me, I just followed the energy and noticed how quickly this brought me into the vibration of play, joy, and […]

The Bubba Room

I took a break this week to head back to Florida to visit a friend and, of course, my grandpa. When I visit him, I am always surprised to hear a new fun fact or story from him. This time was no different. You see, years ago, when my grandpa was really just getting started in his career, he managed a cloth diaper service, which he would later become a partner of. This was back in time before Proctor & Gamble took over the diaper industry. As he took on this new role, he was super excited to grow the […]

We have to believe we are magic

This past week I had the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream I didn’t even realize I had. You see when I was growing up I was a huge Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta fan. From Grease to Two-of-a-Kind to everything in between, I watched, sang and danced with them and, with that, stepped into the world of magic, miracles and more. You see, when I watched and listened to them: I believed in the power of love. I believed that things would work out. I believed in the happy ending. And, I hadn’t fully realized the impact of this […]