My Mom’s Battle with Cancer When I was a Teen

What I Don’t Want You To Know About Me + Owning My Truth I did this video last week on Facebook Live on what was going on inside of me as a high school teenager, as my mom battled cancer. The video for me was edgy, to say the least, as I knew, even before I got on the video that, where I was that day, I would cry if I shared this story. Owning my truth But I just knew I had to share it. And after I did the video, a piece of me wanted to hide and […]

Why You Should Cry More

why you should cry

How Our Tears Lead to Increased Happiness and Presence I want to talk about a question I’ve been getting a lot lately – about crying. I know, as a society, we’ve been conditioned not to cry, especially not in public, and even worse, that our tears are wrong. But what if our tears are the key to releasing our pain? And, what if every time you hold in your pain and don’t release it, you increase the odds of it happening again? Let me explain. When we’re kids, we have many difficult moments that happen, but unfortunately, with messages like, “Toughen […]

I’ve been crying a lot lately

And I want you to experience this too. You see, these are tears of gratitude. And not too long ago, these were not even in my realm of possibility. I was living life, mainly focused on the physical, living day-to-day, focusing on my future and “the end goal”. And slowly, as I’ve stepped into the truth of who I am, I’ve tapped into the beauty, the miracles, the utter brilliance of every moment, every experience, every person and with this, everything and every thing has changed. I walk outside and see magic. I work with a client and they open to their soul’s knowings and […]