Deborah Acker, Opening Audiences to their Truth

Seeking a dynamic speaker who has given talks about transformation, truth, traveling around the world and everything-in-between? Looking for someone with an authentic voice who understands all kinds of audiences and has been in the business world in advertising, marketing, healthcare and sales for over 20 years, working with a variety of clients including Kraft, Taco Bell, Presence Health, Sony and Chevron?

In Deborah’s Keynote Speech, The Unexpected Secret to Finding Joy, she shares an undiscussed perspective of how to have true joy in your life no matter what challenges you’re facing and how she learned to find joy in the most unexpected places. So many people talk about moving towards happiness to achieve it, but what if we’re looking in the wrong direction? With everything that’s occurring in our world, we need new tools and ideas on how to approach our lives, and really, how to stay with the difficult times, versus escaping from them, no matter what’s occurring.

As part of this, Deb will cover:

  • The importance of owning all pieces of ourselves, including our patterns, pain and trauma/abuse, so that it no longer defines us (including tools that can be used to start to shift this)
  • The root of what stops us from changing
  • How to change for good and be able to handle anything that’s coming your way

She finishes with an energy clearing to go deep to clear out the layers that keep us depressed, stressed and in pain. You’ll leave with a fresh perspective, feeling more positive and open to the truth of who you really are!

“I first saw Deb speak at a women’s group that I belong to. Within a couple minutes of her talk, the audience, including myself, were captivated by Deb’s rare voice and strength. Her energy captures the attention of all. She shares her piercing insight, her transformational experiences and an emergent perspective that invites and motivates you to adopt new awarenesses for your life. The whole audience commented on how Deb’s message lit them up and inspired them to alter the focus and direction of their lives and usher them into action. I highly recommend this wise woman as a Powerful Speaker, Consciousness Leader, Feminine Powerhouse and World Change-Maker.” – Danielle P., The Energy Paradigm

(From an Insight Fest Participant who was recommending Deb to a host of another event): “I am overwhelmed with a crazy busy life right now…and still not sure if I can go to SSGG ….but I would drop everything and attend if I could listen to one of her meditations.” – Jamie U.

“I loved Deborah’s conversation with Kim (on the Art of Manifesting Summit). She was speaking my language during the entire interview. The energy process she did left me feeling the vastness of who I really am. This helped me to feel further into what’s possible! This is an area I have felt stuck around so it arrived at the perfect time. Deborah’s understanding of energy paired with her clarity and ability to tap into people and situations got me excited and motivated to connect with her work (further)…” – Ami F.  

If you’re ready to have similar results within your group or organization, simply fill out the form below and Deb or one of her team will get back to you asap.  At that time, you’ll talk about your organization’s specific needs and how she can tailor her talk accordingly.  We look forward to hearing from you!