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Many of you know that my first book, Living Deeply: A Transformational Journey Through Deep Pain, Loss and Abandonment to Healing, Self-Love and Miracles, is finally out, and I wanted to share something special with you here—an excerpt from it.

It is so vulnerable to share many of the stories you will find in this book publicly, but I know I have to, not only because knowing it’s okay to share these is part of my journey, but also as a healer and human being. That being said, if you’re looking to go deeper on your healing journey, if you’re looking to feel like you never have, which helps create opening and more meaning in our lives, if you’re looking for new ways to heal, through my stories, and then the Life Lessons and Learnings from it, these are just a taste of what you will find in the book.

So, without further ado, here it is:



This book is my heart and soul. It’s my walk through abandonment, grief and emotional pain to forgiveness, self-love, inner peace, awakening and knowing how to live in joy through it all. It’s my adventure from living from the human perspective to living as a soul in a physical body. It’s my journey from not knowing or being connected to myself to owning, honoring and speaking my truth at all times. (This is, and I believe, will likely always be, a work in progress!) As I move from fitting in to living life for me from my soul, I share both highs and lows and how these are always serving us, if we let them.

With each story, I uncover something more, meant to help you to think, to reframe and to hopefully motivate you to new action. These stories start out quite intensely, as the first part of my life was just that—intense. As we go, though, and I open to bigger and bigger awarenesses (and some crazy adventures!), the light begins to flood in to take me further within myself and deeper on the journey to more—more richness, more depth and more breadth of life. This craziness I describe is, in part, where the opening occurs, as, after all, we can’t expect to grow by doing the same thing over and over.

May you see parts of yourself that you may not be aware of. May you dig deeper than you ever have to look at your life, and its challenges, in a new way. May you know that you are always being guided and that every single thing is meant for you, when you let it be.

As we journey together, I’m going to share with you some of my closest and most-defining relationships. Some of these people are still with me in the physical world while others have crossed over. All of them have been crucial in this journey, and I am beyond grateful for the roles they have played, and continue to play, to help me to expand into my biggest vision and version of myself…

Guided by this, throughout each chapter, I share my stories, and really, my heart, with you. It’s deep. It’s raw. It’s real. All of it is the work I’ve done to do whatever it takes to heal myself, to love myself and to never leave myself, my pain or my emotions again. This is the stand I’ve taken for myself to own my greatness and that every desire I have is meant to be fulfilled, and I am worthy of more than I could ever hope for. We all are when we choose it.

As I open to you, I invite you to find your stories within mine. We are all humans on this journey, and many of us forget how similar we truly are, and that we are all just doing the best we can, learning along the way, until we can know, do and be better.

These stories are very close to me, and it is quite vulnerable, even tender at times, for me to share many of them, as some haven’t been told to even my closest family members or friends.

But I know a huge part of my journey is to know it’s okay to share all pieces of my story, thereby paving the way for others to know this deep truth for themselves. For it’s when we can share our truths from the deepest places of ourselves that we can truly connect with each other, and most importantly, when we are set free…

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