Something You Haven’t Thought of That’s Having a Big Impact on Your Time, Productivity and How You’re Feeling

Last week, I was in Denver, and while I was there I did a ton of videos, so get excited :), as there will be some awesome videos coming your way in the upcoming months, including the below, where I talk about the importance of managing your energy and how to start to do this!

In this video, you’ll find out:
– How who you’re spending time with is impacting how you feel and why this is crucial in having what you want in your life
– Why where your spending your time and, even, what you’re watching is important
– One thing we often do in our jobs that can be impacting your energy and how that can impact your productivity

You can check out here:


I hope you enjoy, and, if you found this video helpful, if you can share it and/or head over to YouTube and “like” or comment on one shift you’re going to make, I’d really appreciate it!

To more energy, time, productivity AND feeling better!