Setting yourself up for success in the New Year!

Hello and Happy Holidays!

With the start of the New Year, I’ve been thinking a lot about what the next year holds, and while I don’t believe in resolutions, I do believe in having goals and constant forward movement towards my desired outcomes.

What have been the keys for me to not just setting, but actually achieving my goals for big success?

1. It’s always the perfect time to set a goal.
I know, historically, we’ve been trained to set goals, (i.e. – resolutions), only at the beginning of the year. But, in my experience, any time, not just the beginning of the year, is the perfect time to set a goal and start something new.

2. Go in all directions. 
So many times we can get focused on one way being the best direction to go in. For me, many of my goals have involved me going in several directions. For example, building a full-on coaching practice has involved choosing several different ways to put myself out there including Social Media, Classes and Blog Posts. This allows me to get out of my own way (and mind) and allows The Universe to tell me which directions I’m going in are going to get me the best results.

3. Set all kinds of goals.
I am constantly setting goals for myself. Some of these are short-term and some of these are long-term. A short-term goal, for me, might include writing a blog post or putting my next episode of my radio show together. A long-term goal for me might be re-doing my website or getting a well-known guest for my radio show. Set all of them. This will allow you to feel the short-term progress as you’re working towards your long-term goals.

4. Make your everyday goals achievable.
With every goal I set for myself, I always make sure that the everyday goals are always achievable. What does this look like? For instance, if I wanted to get published in a well-known publication like The Huffington Post, I might go about submitting one of my blog posts each week or month. So, while getting published in a big-name publication might feel overwhelming, breaking it down into easy, manageable steps can help shift this. So often we don’t see all of the small steps someone takes for big achievements. We just see the end result. It’s these small steps, though, that got them to that finish line.

5. Don’t make a big deal out of anything.
Part of what’s worked really well for me is not making a big deal out of anything. This applies in two different ways. The first way is not making a big deal out of anything I go for but doesn’t work out. You see, I don’t put any stock in it. I will acknowledge myself for trying it and going for something new, but that’s the extent of the energy I give it. I do not focus on it not working out. Also, as part of not giving something a lot of energy, the same applies to things in my business that are not my favorite tasks. While I used to spend a lot of time procrastinating and resisting a task I didn’t want to do, I’ve come to realize the energy/heaviness I end up sitting in if I keep putting the task off. (I.e. – There’s all of this negative energy I spend thinking about the task, instead of just getting the task completed so I can move onto enjoying my day.) So, instead, I just do it and get it done.

With that, I invite you to make one resolution this year:

To resolve to go for it! 

Who’s with me?