Upping Your Game Sales Program

Upping Your Game Sales Program

The Path to More

Meaning, Miracles + Money

Than You’ve Ever Imagined.

You’ve always been an overachiever and top-performer.

You’re used to succeeding in every area of your life.

When you were growing up this translated to Straight A’s and 

a ton of extracurricular activities.

When you got into the Corporate World, this translated to 

multiple promotions and leadership roles.

So, when you decided to embark on the next adventure of owning your own business, and really, going after your dream, while you knew it would be challenging, you thought, no problem.

And, while you started out with some momentum, and have definitely had some sales and success in your business, 

you’re not where you want to be.

You keep pushing to make it happen, but it isn’t working.

You keep wondering what you could do differently, yet you feel like  

you’ve tried everything.

You’re sick of struggling and barely getting by, and you’re wondering,

“Is this business model sustainable?” 

After all, how many more 12+ hour days and sleepless nights can you take? Even worse, the thought of going back to Corporate makes you cringe.

More importantly, you know, and maybe you’ve always known that there’s something more for you, that you’re destined for something MUCH BIGGER.

Isn’t that the reason why you started this in the first place? To have more

freedom and money (because who are we kidding), and really, to do something meaningful, something that lit you up, something that you knew you were excited to get out of bed for every damn day.

In your heart, you know it’s got to be easier. You’re so close you can taste it, and yet you don’t know what else you can do. You feel like you’re going uphill with no end in sight, and you’re thinking to yourself, 

“How much longer can I hold out?”

Have you tried other programs, read tons of books and listened to a bunch of audios, but nothing seems to really change? Yet, you know in your gut that you haven’t even scratched the surface of your potential.

What if there was a program you could do, and at the end of it, you could see 

your sales + income + results – 

doubled, tripled or even quadrupled – 

all while feeling calmer, less stressed & more energized in your every day life?

That’s where the “Upping Your Game Sales Training Program” comes in.

This is the training that no one’s talking about that can change everything. This is the training that uncovers and shifts what’s stopping you from accelerating your results to the next level and beyond. This is the training and the missing piece to increasing your sales and your success – significantly.


Let’s face it. You’re driven. You’re motivated and maybe even a little competitive and yet this drive is all about having a high quality of life. You don’t want to work hard, and yet you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the life that you truly want, a life with no constraints that includes fun, ease and adventure.


Here’s How It Works:

Throughout the course of the training, we’re going to be shifting and undoing all of your unconscious and subconscious sales, business, marketing and money blocks. These are the blocks that 99% of people aren’t aware of, and most sales and business programs aren’t addressing, yet have a huge impact on your income and results. Deb will help you to shift and undo these by identifying the moment when you first took these on, which usually occurs during your childhood, as well as what conclusions you made at that moment that are now impacting your sales and results. Typically, there are multiple layers to these blocks. As these are cleared, though, not only will you become a sales magnetizer, but Deb will mix this formula with real-world tools, practical guidance, visualizations, activations and new concepts and ideas to help you to experience bigger sales growth than you’ve ever imagined or experienced, all with more clarity, confidence and ease!

I worked with Deb, and I immediately saw an increase in my sales. With this, I was working less and had a much clearer vision for my business and future.  I was able to see and achieve my goals quickly and powerfully. As part of this, immediately, it was clear that I needed to change my entire strategy. This doubled my income, and I can happily say that I’ve had the same amount of sales in the last three months as I did the entire last year. In contrast, my colleagues aren’t seeing anywhere near the same results. This doesn’t include being offered an exclusive selling outlet, which is adding 50% more selling space to my business. I know that this is all due to my work with Deb. I highly recommend her.                        – Fiona H., HGTV Designer

This 6-month program will cover many areas including:

Sales, Business and Marketing

In this section, we’ll shift and clear the blocks you have to taking your sales and business to the next level.

These blocks can include:

  • Fear of Rejection/Hearing No/Closing the Sale
  • Fear of Failure/Making a Mistake/Not Meeting Expectations
  • Fear of Being Successful/Moving Forward
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Fear of Negotiating
  • Fear of Self-Promotion
  • Feeling Like a Fraud/Not Good Enough
  • Fear of Not Making Money and Making Money (Yes, this actually happens!)

Examples of when these blocks take place can include when you’re calling a prospect and yet, consciously or subconsciously, hoping they don’t pick up the phone. Another example is when you’re heading onto a discovery or sales call, and yet you’re scared they are going to move forward, as you’re scared you won’t be able to deliver on the results you’re promising, if they do. A third example of this can occur when you’re at home or in the office working and you’re procrastinating and feeling overwhelmed because you’re fearful that you’re going to make a mistake. And, while these may seem counterintuitive, and you might think why would I self-sabotage like that, these are just a few of the many examples that Deb sees with her clients that can make a big impact in your sales. And, most of the time, we’re doing these subconsciously and unconsciously.

Even deeper than that, 99%, if not 100% of the time, we’re doing these because of something that happened in our childhood. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. In this program, one of the biggest things we’ll do is to identify and rewire that original moment. You don’t have to worry about knowing any of the details of how to do this; this is one of Deb’s specialties, and the thing, that, once identified and cleared through her Infinite Sales Process, can change everything.

Then, as we cover and clear these blocks, Deb will give you the real-world tools that she’s used in the last three years to quadraple her sales twice – first in the Corporate World, then in her own businessThis will be coupled with strong intuitive guidance for each participant to help you make truly aligned choices in every thing you do in your business to ensure massive acceleration – quickly.

Money and Abundance

The next part we’ll cover is money and abundance. You might think you like money, but if, for example, you watched your parents fight about it when you were a child, you may secretly be scared to actually have A LOT of money in your life. During this part of the course, we’re going to tackle your biggest blocks to money and abundance. If you’ve ever felt like there wasn’t enough or you weren’t enough, this is one example of a block that could be impacting your income in a big way.


In addition to Deb’s strong intuitive guidance, what if you always knew the exact right thing to do in every moment in your business, relationships, and really, your life? As part of this, what if you always felt guided in the steps you took, including knowing which people and accounts to target and work with to maximize your impact and the exact right thing to say in every sales call to get the outcome you desired? How would this impact your time and income? What results could you achieve? In this section, we’re going to shift and clear your biggest blocks to tuning into your intuition, and then Deb will teach you the tools she uses to always know the best next step in every moment, so that you’re no longer wasting valuable time going in an unproductive direction.

Productivity and Time Management

In working with many sales executives and business owners, the one thing most professionals are in need of is more time. So, what if, what normally takes you a day, days or weeks to accomplish could take significantly less time? What else could you accomplish and what else would you do with your time to maximize your sales and impact, or on the opposite end, to have more fun? As part of this program, you are going to find yourself clearer, more centered and more productive than you have ever been. What you’re going to experience is the exact thing that had Deb’s coach says to her, “Deb, I don’t know how you accomplish in a week what takes most of my clients months!”


As part of the above, what if you had more energy and knew how to use it at all times to create the reality that you truly wanted? Energy is such a huge piece of feeling good and at least 50% of what’s creating our outside world, yet most of us don’t understand what it is or how to use to it to cultivate ease, alignment and the life we truly want. A good way to look at this is to look at how many tasks that you do in any given day that don’t energize you, and instead, deplete your energy. Now, think of this, week over week, and it’s no wonder that we don’t feel good. More importantly, what if you could shift this, so that 1) you were no longer doing these tasks, and 2) if you were doing them, you felt more energized doing them? How would this impact your day, your work and your life, in any given moment?

The other part of energy is being able to read energy to make aligned choices. What if you were always able to read what was truly going on to always know the exact right action to take for you and your business? As part of this, what if you were able to read what was going on with your clients, so that you could know the exact right thing to do or say to close the deal, or on the opposite end, when to walk away, before investing valuable time, money and resources?

Communication & Relationships

Communication and solid relationships are key points to being strong at sales. But, most of us don’t know how to fully communicate to be seen and heard, and really, to build strong relationships to achieve our desired result from an authentic, real and caring space. As part of this course, you’re going to find you have a whole new languaging that’s authentic, connected and strong to powerfully close deals and relate to others.


Yes, all of the above are important, but if you don’t have a well-rounded, happy life, none of it matters! In this section, Deb will ensure you have work/life balance and clear out any of the blocks that hold you back from having what you’re desiring in other areas of your life, including love, happy personal relationships and friendships and good health.


In this section, you’re going to learn all about masculine and feminine energies and how to use both to cultivate and create exactly what you’re desiring with more ease, flow and grace. As part of this, as these are honed, you will find everything from clients coming to you, other people closing business on your behalf to tapping into powerful creation energy that literally can call in more in every area of your life.


Have you ever had a goal that you didn’t think was possible? What if you not only knew it was possible, but by the end of our time together, you had either accomplished it or you had a plan for accomplishing it? How would you feel? What would your life look as a result?

High-Level Consciousness, Spirituality and Metaphysical Teachings, Concepts and Tools

Deb gets told time and time again that she has a very unique way of presenting deep, complex consciousness, spirituality and metaphysical teachings, concepts and tools. Much of what Deb teaches is channeled from other dimensions. What does this mean for you? It means you’re getting ground-breaking, life-changing information that can take you higher, deeper and farther – faster. That’s because these messages come from such a high, light source that the only thing that can occur is for you to shift quickly into the person you’ve always been all along.

Since working with Deb, I’m working less, yet I led my peers in value-based metrics, maxing out my bonus, which has translated to thousands of dollars. In addition to this, due to our work together, I’m much more effective, confident and influential as a leader. – Julie  L., Vice-Chair of Emergency Medicine, Top-Ranked Illinois Hospital

Results include:

  • Increased Clients, Profitability, Income and Sales, Upwards of Double, Triple or Even Quadruple                    (I.E. – MAKE MORE MONEY!)*
  • Increased Productivity, Clarity and Flow
  • Decreased Stress
  • More Energy
  • Better Work/Life Balance
  • And, an Overall Happier Being with More Peace, Ease and Calm

Program Details:

  • 6-Month Sales and Business Program starting in June 2018
  • Begins with a 30-Minute Goals Assessment Call with Deb to ensure you exceed all of your goals!
  • Four calls per month in June (4 Total Calls)
  • Two calls per month starting in July through December (12 Total Calls)
  • Each call will be between 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • All calls will be recorded, barring any unforeseen technical difficulties.
  • Call time will be decided based on group participant availability.
  • Live Facebook Group for connection, community and where you can get exclusive intuitive and practical guidance from Deb. This is a place where we will share our successes and our challenges as well as regular tips and tools to ensure your most optimal result with this program.
  • BONUS: 2018 Monthly Workshop Recordings – Topics include manifestation, love, abundance and intuition.              (Value: $600)


Are you ready for more meaning, miracles and money than you’ve ever imagined? Get the tools Deb has invested $100K+ in! UP YOUR GAME NOW!

Want to talk further or have questions? Let’s talk and see if this training is right for you!


Hi – I’m Deb Acker, and before I became a Coach and Consultant, I worked in the Corporate World for over 20 years in sales, advertising and marketing. When I was in advertising and marketing, which I broke into when I was fifteen years old, I worked on everything from Kraft and Oscar Mayer to Sony, Taco Bell and Coca-Cola. I finished my Corporate Career with over ten years in sales, achieving many Sales Accolades during this time including that of Million-Dollar Consultant as well as finishing in the top five numerous times. As part of this, when I was in Medical Sales, I used the tools I now teach to quadruple my sales. I then used the same method to quadruple my sales again – this time in my business. And, all of this in a three-year period.

It’s my passion to help Entrepreneurs to live more abundant and freer lives, and to really have the lives they truly want while finding more meaning and feeling less stressed, healthier and happier. If this speaks to you, I’d love for you to join us!


This program is for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Coaches who are looking to take their sales + results + income to new levels. You’re sick of working so hard just to get by. You’re sick of not making the money you’re truly desiring. You’re sick of not achieving your true potential. After all, you got in this business because you knew you were destined for something great.Yet, you’re not scared of the hard work and doing what it takes to get there, because you know it will yield long-term results. You’re adventure-seeking and are typically at the top of the leader board, no matter what you’re doing. With this, you are ready to create a completely different paradigm – a paradigm that involves working less making more money than you’ve ever imagined, with more happiness, joy, ease, clarity and peace.


  • You like to make excuses, complain and blame/point fingers about why you can’t do something or it’s not working and you aren’t where you want to be.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix or you’re lazy.
  • You tend to give up on things before they are finished.

I learned more about my life and self in 4 months with Deb than in nearly 4 years of therapy! Her pattern-breaking sessions helped me identify what was holding me back in life and where those patterns stem from. Since meeting Deb I’ve found my path in life and more importantly, found myself. Couldn’t recommend her enough!               – Sarah K., Entrepreneur + Business Owner


How is this program different from others?

This program is like an MBA mixed in with high-level consciousness, spirituality and metaphysical teachings and concepts. Most programs only address one component. In this program, we’re addressing all of the components needed for you to accelerate your sales, business and life to the next level (and then some!).

As part of this, we are going to address the roots of why you are struggling and don’t have (or have as much as you’d like of) what you are desiring in your life. Most programs give you tools and exercises to be successful. These are great, and yet, if you’re not shifting the underlying reason why you are struggling and don’t have what you desire, no amount of tools or exercises will change your results because deep down, there’s a deep-seeded reason, many times rooted in your childhood, why you’re stopping yourself from reaching your true success and infinite potential. Again, what Deb is teaching you are the things that no one is really teaching or talking about, including the metaphysical and untangible, and yet when focused on and shifted, can make a MASSIVE impact in your sales.

“I don’t have the time or money.”

See “This Program Is Not For You If…”. The only other thing is if you knew setting aside the time and investment for this course could completely change how much time you felt you had AND that you would likely double, triple or quadruple your investment*, if not more, would you make the required investment of time and money?*

What if I miss a call?

Barring any unforeseen technical difficulties, all calls will be recorded.

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee?*

No. This program is an investment in yourself, and it’s important that every participant to be ALL IN. This means a 100% commitment to you and your growth. If you do this and play full out, Deb is confident that you will receive your investment back in spades.*


Are you ready for more meaning, miracles and money than you’ve ever imagined? Get the tools Deb has invested $100K+ in! UP YOUR GAME NOW!

Want to talk further or have questions? Let’s talk and see if this training is right for you!

*Important to note: Deb cannot guarantee a particular result, but is confident that if you put in the time and effort required and apply the tools she is going to teach you, you will see your desired results and then some!