Why The World’s Events Are Really Happening

Our Soul’s Perspective on Why the Coronavirus is Really Happening

I had initially intended to do a video around the world’s events from the soul perspective and why this is really happening, but I felt called to put it into words instead.

So, first of all, understand that the things that I’m going to share with you here today are from the soul perspective. By no means do they negate if you and/or a loved one are struggling in any way with this right now, and most importantly, no matter what, it’s important to be exactly where you are right now, feeling your feelings. As part of this, I am truly grateful for all of the sacrifices so many are making to keep us all safe and healthy. 

For me, I just want to offer you a fresh, lighter and soul truth-based perspective that may help you to see the challenges we’re facing right now as not all bad, and with this, to see some hope, opportunity and good that is coming from this.

With this, let me start by saying that much of my personal experience when this all started happening was (and still is) excitement and hope. Yes, it’s really sad to see people suffering, hurting, and of course, dying, but I have always felt this is where the opening occurs, and as Rumi so elegantly states it:

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

As part of this, know I absolutely have (and have had) moments of fear when I was being guided that it was okay to do activities that weren’t being recommended. Have I also gone into some obsessing/ruminating when I realized I may have put myself at risk? Heck yeah, I did. And, did I even feel bad for not feeling bad while so many people were struggling? Absolutely.

I will also say that I felt very alone in my perspective, which was my version of feeling alone in this, until I started talking with friends and other loved ones and colleagues, and realized that many shared a version of the perspective I had.

I also did some introspection on whether I was spiritually bypassing, but was told very clearly that my state of being is the result of the work. Simple as that.

That being said, the main thing I could see happening from this challenge was awakening and healing. And, while our human selves, understandably, may resist this and just want things to go back to normal, many of our souls signed up for something completely different. Yes, our souls said, “Whatever it takes to awaken (myself and others), whatever it takes to heal (myself, others and the planet), I’m in!” Of course, the Universe beckoned back, “What if that means death?” And, our soul, knowing that we don’t really die, we just leave our physical bodies, said, “Absolutely! I’m in.” And, as I see this, I really think there would be no better reason for death, and really no bigger purpose on this planet, than for the awakening and healing of ourselves, others and our planet.

Another important piece and way my guides shared to look at this is,

What’s your soul activation in this?

For some people, their soul activation is feeling the fear, worry and anxiety that this has brought up. For some people, their soul activation is getting the virus and overcoming it. For some people, their soul activation is even death, and while again, this can be hard to understand from the human perspective, and does not negate the pain we experience when a loved one dies, from the soul perspective, and my guides have been sharing this with me over and over as I tune in, is the idea that:

There is no right or wrong choice. Ever. 

While we have been conditioned to believe otherwise, this is simply not true. Every choice has a result, and while in the human sense, we can absolutely define this as bad and good, right and wrong, every choice is helping our soul (and the loved ones around us, when they are impacted by our choice) to expand, grow and love more. Period.

For me, one big piece of my activation in this is self-trust. What could be more powerful than having to choose your truth when the world is literally telling you something different? This, by no means, means that I’m aiming to be reckless or stupid, or in general, not following the guidelines. But, my intuition and Guides are strongly guiding me to trust and stretch myself. As part of this, know it’s the tools and work we do regularly on ourselves to heal that helps us to trust and flow in times of crisis. (What if you could always know (if you don’t already) that you’re safe and guided in your choices? As we heal, we open the gift of our intuition and exactly this. As we do this, we step into our full power. And, this my friends, is the only true way we have control of our lives.)

Also, important to note, there’s no way to avoid what’s going on right now. So, if we’re going to go through it anyways, we might as well use it to heal, awaken and rise, as opposed to spending the next several weeks, and likely months, in fear, worry, doubt and/or anxiety, to name a few, ending up at the same point as where we started, with very little having changed. 

Oh, and one (actually two!) more things when it comes to going back to “normal.” While I totally understand this desire, I want to plant two seeds for you:

1) I would ask you to look at what you’re defining as normal. If you’ve had the thought, “I can’t wait until Friday.” and/or some version of “I really don’t want to be here,” this is a great time to re-evaluate how you’re living your life and make some (hard) choices.

With this, what and who is important to you? This is a great time for true connection and to (re)define this. (By the way, I believe everything that’s created starts in our consciousness. Imagine the power of millions (billions?) of people thinking and saying these words over and over, and it’s hard not to think that this didn’t play a role in mass consciousness in creating our current reality.)

2) I believe that if we aim to go back to normal without having made any change, first on the inside, and then in the ways that we are living our lives and treating our planet, we have lost a huge part of the lesson. Typically, when this happens, the message gets louder. What message (change?) do you need to receive, heal and implement to not have the message you’re being brought through this get any louder and, really, to use this time for your soul growth?

Last, know that whatever feeling this message brings up in you, especially if it’s something you consider negative, that this is the next emotion that needs to be healed to return you to your truth, and really, to return you to love.

Also, if you’re struggling, I created my Free Inner-Connection Kit with you in mind. You can get it here.

Most importantly, wishing you good health and vitality, during this time and always,