Opening Up About Our Sensitivities to Others

So, I’ve been thinking about being a sensitive person in the world, and I have this theory that every single person on the planet is a sensitive being. They may not know it yet (or in this lifetime), but I genuinely believe this to be true, largely because what our sensitivity gives us when we embrace it, is a more open, free and connected way of being in the world, which is our truth, though, of course, there are other ways to become, and really, return to this. 

This is just one version, and really, one entry point in, and in one lifetime (or more), I feel strongly that we wake up to this, and choose to experience life from this vantage point, possibly never looking back and always choosing this moving forward, as this is just one way to feel so much more alive and experience life how it was meant to be lived, actually feeling it, and with this, to experience who we truly are, at the root of our being. 

For me, this is the lifetime (or, at least, one lifetime) where I chose this. 

And, lately, I’ve started to become more open about this part of me, even to people I don’t know very well. 

I believe strongly this part of us is nothing to be ashamed of, and the more willing we are to own this (more) publicly as a whole, or at a minimum, not hide this in our intimate relationships, as so many of us (myself included) have done for so long in our lives, this will become more normalized in society. 

Recently, I’ve done this in a newer friendship, and in a situation with a bunch of people who don’t know me at all. 

In part, this has been a wonderful opportunity to move past another part of me that wants to fit in, and with this, to be liked and like everyone else. Even deeper, it’s been a practice in rewiring my need for acceptance and letting go of another version of caring what people think of me, especially from strangers when I’m doing something different from another or the considered “norm.” (By the way, what if we were conditioned from when we were young that our sensitivities were ok? I wonder how this would have shaped us differently in our world.)

And, in truth, it’s been totally liberating. My new friend is really accepting of who I am, even when I make what most would consider a unique or “too much” request. And, in the situation with the strangers, it felt truly freeing not to care what they might think of me, even when my choices would have been considered “weird” to most. 

In deep part, I credit so much of these experiences (and so many others) to my relationship with myself. I genuinely love all parts of me unabashedly, especially the ones that are different, and one of the biggest things that has gotten me through this is how strongly embedded it is from within that I have my own back. 

This means that, no matter what someone else’s judgment of me or my behaviors are, if I allow you in my life, respect is a non-negotiable. This, in turn, helps me to feel safe with me, no matter what, who or how someone is responding to my reality. And, wonderfully, because this is so deeply embedded from within, this then gets reflected in so many of my relationships and interactions. 

In any case, I wanted to share this, in hopes that, if you’re like me and super sensitive, or alternatively, you have another version of this that you are hiding, that this article may inspire you to be more of your true self in more relationships, in more parts of your life. 

Yes, it takes braveness. It takes courage. It takes letting go. 

But, in the end, instead of the abandonment of a part of ourselves to make others more comfortable or work within another’s parameters, which, if you’re like me, in years past, I had done so many times, we get to own and bring that piece fully into the world. This, in turn, creates a world full of more whole, loved and complete human beings. 

And, for me, this is the world I know I want to live in. 

To owning all pieces of you, including your sensitivities,

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