My Love Note to 2020

I sat down to write this so many times, and each time, as I began to write it, I resisted it.

As I reflected on why this was, I realized I was scared to have a reality that was different from so many others. With this, I didn’t want to come off as braggy or disconnected from the world. Instead, I wanted to be felt, inspired and inspiring.

And, even as I write this now, I can feel my body shaking. But, if you know me by now, you know that I believe the hard things are the best things, AND I know these words need to be shared. Oh, and one more thing. Quite perfectly, this is another opportunity for me to feel this fear and allow it to return back to wholeness. (Not the b.s. of feeling the fear and doing it anyways, as that can be a defended way of being in this world, though I’ve said it, too.)

So, with that said, here goes. 🙂

Ah, 2020. Thank you. 

I know you were a hard year for so many, but for me, you showed where I was and where I had yet to go. You showed me my foundation, and you showed me my cracks. And, you showed me the person I always knew I was destined to be.

Holy crap. 

Layer by layer, you invited me into more of myself. And, I listened. 

When you called me to let go of the last remaining pieces of old parts of me, I surrendered.

When you challenged me to live my own truth despite the world’s perspective, I listened (and danced!).

When you showed me my relationship with myself, and that I had, in fact, become my own source, that no one (and nothing else) was responsible for my inner state, I sat in awe—of who I really am and how far I had come.

Yes, there were twists and turns. In life, there always are.

But, damn. The person that stands here before you now is so f*cking solid from the inside out, in all of the best ways possible. She is the next version of herself.

And, while the many years before you have definitely laid the groundwork, you sealed the deal. 

Thank you for showing me how unshakeable I really am, even if I do like to do shake it (and shake it up!) a bit. 

Much gratitude,

P.S. – The thing I’m most proud of is learning how to become my own source. I cannot tell you how fundamental this has been to living in this crazy world we’re in, and I teach many of the concepts and tools I have used for years that truly have made all of the difference in my Complimentary Putting an End to Painful Relationships Masterclass. If this resonates for you, I’d love to see you there. You can register here.

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