My Calm Practices… (Including Some Subconscious Awarenesses that May Be Impacting You)

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! As promised, I wanted to share a few of my calm practices (below :)), in case any of these can help you in creating your own version of calm. Some of them you may be familiar with while others are rooted in the subconscious, my specialty. 🙂

So, first, what does living in calm mean to me?

For me, calm isn’t just a buzz word or trend or something I chose because it’s the start of the year. For me, calm is a lifestyle. It’s something that I choose every day, and sometimes, every minute of every day (or at least as much as possible!). It’s something that, when I find myself in an old pattern, especially when this is the case, I find is especially important to tune into and see if I’m making decisions rooted in this. What does this look like for me? It involves stopping. The old me many times can plow through something just to get it done, but the new me knows that doesn’t always work, especially in creating a calm life. That being said, while this practice isn’t as formal as the below practices, this is really one of my first practices in rooting in calm. And because we can get so conditioned in our old ways of doing, this one practice can change everything and help to become conscious in our blind spots.

Another awareness that’s rooted in the subconscious, that if you grew up in any kind of tumultuous environment as a child, especially if you struggled with some kind of abandonment, whether physical or emotional, and even if you didn’t but there was a lot of chaos or just trying to get by, is noticing what state you wake up in. For me, having struggled with abandonment my entire life (By the way, I do talk about all of the practices I used to clear this pattern in my upcoming book!), awhile ago I started to notice that, even though I’ve cleared my abandonment pattern, that I was still waking up in the state that I did as a child. Once I realized this, I realized the importance of cultivating a calm practice to start my day as, if not, my day would start with this feeling, as so much of my life, I had done this automatically and subconsciously. This isn’t good, as when we start our days this way, we become magnetizers for this chaotic experience throughout the day until the moment if and when we choose to reset ourselves.

As part of the above, one of my more obvious practices is meditation. While I have meditated regularly over the last several years, I recently found the Calm app, which I love. I randomly happened to look at when I started using the app this afternoon, which was recently (October 22nd), and to date, I’ve done 122 sessions with them, give or take a few. Of course, it’s not a competition(!), and this is about motivating you, not discouraging you. (With this, too, while it’s not about being “good” at meditating, for me, meditation did become a lot easier for me as I started doing energy clearing, as energy clearing has really cleared my overthinking and “monkey mind,” so that when I meditate, I’m clear and calm.)

The last tool I’m going to share here today is going out in nature. While this is more of an obvious one, especially if you live in a cold climate part of the year, we can rule this out during certain times of the year. (If you’ve subconsciously ruled this out and yet know you need nature (like me!) to help reset and energize, I highly recommend bringing this back into your practice.) For me, I’ve realized that this is crucial, so I’ve created a practice with this that involves me going outside all year long, no matter what the temperature or weather conditions. (When it’s super cold, I just bundle up!) Especially when I find something not working in the moment, for me, I know that’s the call to get outside!

All that said, if you’ve found one of these awarenesses and practices helpful, I’d love to know which one and how this will impact your routine moving forward! Simply reply to this email.

Either way, wishing you calm, peace and clarity,