Love + Money Soul Clearing Live Online Event

Love + Money Soul Clearing Live Online Event

Sunday, January 12th – 3 to 5:30 pm PT/6 to 8:30 pm ET

Have you struggled with love and money in some way or another your entire life? Are you ready to access your blocks from a different level (aka the soul level :))? Most importantly, are you desiring to heal these subconsciously rooted patterns at the next level to create something new from a truer, deeper and more aligned place in 2020?

I thought so!

The real reason why you haven’t had success with healing these patterns fully… yet.

Most of our patterns are rooted in at the cellular level. When we go to heal them, though, many times, we try to cover them with affirmations, and really, defense. (I.e., Pretending that we’re okay and not bothered by something, even though this isn’t true.) That being said, this doesn’t work, though, if at the cellular level, there’s more to heal. (And, if it does work, at some point, when your soul is ready, it won’t be sustainable.)

On the flip side, if, with the above, we are accessing them at the cellular level, either by feeling them or clearing them in some way, if to clear the pattern, we need to be at a level 10, we’re typically only at levels 1, 2 and 3. Maybe a 5 or 6 on a good day.

Then, we go throughout life thinking what we’re doing isn’t really working.

And the truth is, it’s working. It’s just not working as quickly as we’d like it to. (Couple this with us viewing “negative” things happening to us as us not being supported by the Universe, instead of us viewing these things as bringing up what we need to heal to have the thing we are wanting.)

So, how do we change this?

Simply put, you practice. This is how you get to level 10 over time. This how you create the things that you are desiring in your life from a solid foundation and a high level of integrity. This is how you create the things that historically have been out of reach. (And, it’s important to note: If you created a soul contract to have certain things in place before, in this case, you created the love and money you’ve been desiring, which I’m imagining, if you’re here, at least on some level this is true, this is why cultivating a practice of connecting, feeling and healing yourself is so important.)

So, why this clearing event and why “practice” with Deb?

There’s a saying that we can only take people as deep as we’re willing to go. Deb understands this and has cultivated consistent practices to stay with the memory, the energy and most importantly, the feeling, to fully release it, on a weekly, if not daily, basis. (Think: Level 10 Practice.)

What this clearing event is geared to do is bring up past memories, experiences and feelings. (Don’t worry if you don’t remember things – Deb’s intuition will guide the call and we will clear exactly what needs to be cleared for you to get the deepest healing and transformation for your biggest love and money blocks!)

With this, how is this event different from other clearing events and coaches/intuitives?

Most coaches and intuitives are operating from a space of trying to feel good all of the time.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and yet, inherently in this place, lies resistance.

After all, if I don’t want to feel bad, I’m resisting this. And, as Carl Jung put it, what we resist persists.

Not to mention, the soul doesn’t actually perceive anything as bad. (It’s either growth or it works out.)

Couple this with, if the soul practice is the above, if you’re trying to have it be good all of the time, it’s going to be hard for someone to go past a Level 2 or 3 in this mindset. (This same thing applies to the level an intuitive is able to read someone at, as the subconscious resistance I’m describing blocks someone’s full view so they can only see part of the picture.)

What Deb will do during this event is to bring in a clearer, wider and deeper view to give you a truer picture of what’s really going on for deeper healing to help you to create your next soul level for your love and money goals.

So, what results can I expect doing this event?

The old (though semi-current) coaching paradigm is coaches promising certain physical-world results. After all, why else would you do something? On the flip side of this, if you’re here, I’m imagining, at least on some level that, if you have tried something, whether it was working with a coach, doing a program or therapy, even though they promised you these things, you’re still struggling in some way.

The new paradigm is the paradigm I mention above, which is the paradigm that recognizes you can’t fail, at least not from the soul perspective.

Even deeper, as a soul you came here to practice and heal. And, it’s through this, that you will create the physical-world results you’ve so been desiring.

That being said, what results you can expect from this live event are:

  • Deep healing, clearing and transformation
  • New awarenesses, feeling more calm, centered and clear
  • Waking up your soul on a much deeper level
  • And, of course, too, like many clients, you may experience some fun physical-world results like new clients/income, new relationships and opening to the next level of your purpose in this world, though I ask you to sign-up for this event because you have a sense that it’s the right thing for you right now! (This is how our soul chooses things! :))

After my first workshop with Deb I spoke with my Dad for the first time in over 10 years!!!! I am not a long term friend or a client. I met her the day of the workshop and in one day made that major of a mindset shift. Deb has incredible energy, awareness of it, and a powerful ability to guide others towards transformation by helping to clear what doesn’t serve and replenish what will! 6000 out of 10 recommend – she’s doing RAD work! – Jessica Lauren

Thank YOU again so much for your work! (From yesterday’s workshop), I’ve noticed huge shifts in how I perceive the world around me. I feel much more relaxed knowing a lot of my perceptions where not mine to begin with and no longer serve my highest self. I love it and am very grateful for this opportunity to heal in a different way than I have ever done. – Crystal

So, what does this 2.5-hour Love + Money Clearing Event entail?

2+ hours of clearing deep-rooted subconscious memories, blocks and patterns, completing with a high-frequency upgrade and future-self visioning to ground the changes and healings into your current reality.

With this, throughout this event, Deb will be reading participants’ blocks, supporting them in seeing the parts of the subconscious that they currently can’t see.

What soul blocks to love and money will we cover during this time?

  • Family & Childhood Blocks – During this section, we will clear your biggest blocks to love and money when it comes to your upbringing, your parents and your childhood. How much better will you feel if you weren’t carrying the weight of that pain with you?
  • Heartbreak & Desperation Blocks – Where did you have your heart broke, or even worse, where did you break your own heart? As a result of this, where are you acting from desperation around these? Desperation energy is not a high-vibe energy and has the opposite effect of what we’re typically hoping to create, and yet most of us walk around with some version of this still stored in our body. During this section, we’ll clear these two big energies that are subconsciously defining so much in our realities.
  • Failure & Goal Blocks – Was there a time in your life where you really went after something, yet failed? If you never cleared this, which typically is not common to do, you’re carrying this around into every. single. thing. you’re creating. Let’s shift and heal this!
  • Competition, Comparison & Scarcity Blocks – In this final section, we will look at your deepest-rooted scarcity blocks. After all, if you’re in scarcity (and competition/comparison), what you’re telling the Universe is that there isn’t enough. But, the true Spiritual law is that there is abundance! Let’s clear you to move you to your next level of this.

Are you ready to clear deep-rooted blocks and open to the next level of your soul? Register Now!

$97 – Before January 8th at 11 pm PT

$197 – After January 8th at 11 pm PT

***This call will take place on Zoom. There will be a call recording, if you are unable to make the live call. This call will be sent out to all participants to listen to over and over for deeper and deeper clearing and healing.***

Deb’s clearings are different from anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve spent years taking self-development classes and learning how to use various energy-clearing tools. With Deb’s clearings, I’ve found them so effective at clearing old habits and blocks that it’s easy to forget they work. That’s because they have a way of so completely removing the root thought or feeling that caused the pattern that you don’t remember it was ever there. Your point of awareness is so shifted and elevated that you no longer relate to the old pattern. It can be instantaneous… When they’re done, I feel very relaxed and clear headed and old feelings, fears and concerns just seem to lift out of my energy field. I feel like the energy sweeps all the corners and unseen areas of my mind and vibrations. Clearing unconscious patterns can be some of the hardest clearings because they are just that – unconscious. But the energy in her clearings is very conscious and light-filled so anything of lesser vibration gets attracted to it and swept out of your field. It feels light, but the impact is powerful. …they never fail to leave me feeling better – happier, clearer and more joyful. – Anonymous

I was so lucky to find Deb at the peak of a two year period of depression and anxiety. I’ve dealt with both for most of my life and while there were years that were better, it felt like something that would always be in the background. Deb is the only person I’ve worked with who was actually able to help me reframe my thinking and outlook on life. She took me back to the very beginning to figure out where a lot of my thinking stemmed from and challenged me to break these patterns. Things that I felt were just part of me like overthinking everything are now gone. I read something on her website that said one session with Deb is more valuable than years of therapy and that is 100 percent true. I am so much happier and lighter and for the first time I feel like I have the mindset and tools I need to get through anything. I have a healthier relationship with myself and everyone around me! Deb changed my life!  – Ally S.

I learned more about my life and self in 4 months with Deb than in nearly 4 years of therapy! Her pattern-breaking sessions helped me identify what was holding me back in life and where those patterns stem from. Since meeting Deb I’ve found my path in life and more importantly, found myself. Couldn’t recommend her enough!  – Sarah K.

Come Join Us!

$97 – Before January 8th at 11 pm PT

$197 – After January 8th at 11 pm PT

Again, there will be a recording, if you are unable to make the live call and all participants will receive a copy of this. Also, once a purchase is made, there are no refunds.