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1) Create Your Reality Workshop

What if you knew you could create your reality at all times? And even deeper, you were able to own this at such a deep level to create and manifest anything you desired? Who would you be and how would you show up in every moment?

In today’s energy clearing, through deep work, you’ll learn and experience powerful tools, exercises and activations to own the creator being that you truly are and came here to be, and we’ll begin to clear many of the issues that stop us from fully embodying this including:

– Fear of failure, and on the opposite end, fear of success or moving forward
– Being a victim in our reality where we assume life is just happening to us
– Self-sabotage
– Making excuses
– Procrastination
– Not taking full responsibility
– Not feeling good enough
– Not being in our power
– Where we give up on ourselves, hopes and dreams

You’ll leave feeling positive, open and powerful, ready to truly create your reality in every moment!


2) Infinite Abundance: Clearing Abundance Blocks Workshop

What if you knew you were abundant at all times? And even deeper, you were able to own this at such a deep level to always know you were more than enough and to continually attract consistent abundance in your life? Who would you be, how would you show up and what would you attract, manifest and create in every moment?

As part of this, what is your relationship with money like? How do you treat it? How does it treat you? Is it there for you when you need it? And, when you were growing up, what was your and your parents’ relationship like with it? For example, you might think you like money, but if you witnessed your parents fighting over money, you might have an underlying subconscious block that stops you from having true abundance.

In today’s energy clearing, I’m going to be teaching you tools that I’ve learned over the last several years to move into money mastery, including the tools I used to quadruple my sales – twice – in three years, so you can create your own version of this!

Here’s what else you can expect:

– To shift your money story, not just what you learned growing up, but also the way to spend and save money from an abundant mindset (If you have fear around your money, it’s very hard to create long-term wealth, so let’s start shifting this!)

– To clear your subconscious and unconscious abundance blocks, including where you’re settling for less than you desire and deserve in your life, which can appear in all areas of your life, including your relationship, career and friendships/family life

– To break through your income ceiling (Many of us have subconscious ties to what we’re currently making, and even how we perceive certain dollar amounts, but you can transform this! As part of this, what if $100,000 or $1,000,000 felt equivalent in your money consciousness to $100 or $1,000? What would it be possible to attract if you made this shift? Let me show how!) 

Plus, a ton of tools and techniques you can use to begin to start creating more money in your life instantaneously! 



3) Creating Big Love: Clearing Relationship Patterns Workshop

Have you struggled with love? Do you find yourself attracting the same type of person over and over or showing up in your current relationship in a way that’s not really serving you or doesn’t feel good? Maybe you have an awareness of why, but that awareness hasn’t changed anything. Even further, maybe you’ve tried other modalities, including therapy, to help, but nothing seems to work?

Did you know that many times our relationship patterns are related to subconscious childhood moments, sometimes significant and sometimes insignificant, and one of the biggest things that keeps them intact in our current reality is not having the voice we needed to have to express the impact that these moments, and really, our parents’/caregivers’ choices, had on us when we were kids?

In today’s class, through deep work, including voice and embodiment exercises, activations and powerful energy clearing, we’ll begin to shift and clear these. Often these moments hold a lot of energy, which is a big part of what keeps us attracting the same type of person over and over. As part of this, Deb will do intuitive readings to help you identify and clear the original moment when the subconscious patterns took place. You’ll leave feeling more calm, clear and open, with a fresh perspective, ready to take the next step towards creating big love!



4) Awakening to Your Feminine for More Abundance, Love & Flow Workshop

In the business world, we get taught and rewarded for using our masculine. What does this look like? It’s doing and making things happen. It’s pushing ahead. It’s moving forward and thinking about it later. And, while all of this can serve us, what if there was another way?

The good news is there is! We are just beginning to awaken to our feminine, but in accessing this, we open to a whole new level of power, ease and support, and with this, more abundance, love and flow than we’ve ever imagined!

Imagine feeling open, connected, seen, loved and heard. This is just a taste of what accessing our feminine is like.

In today’s workshop, through deep work, exercises and powerful tools, we’ll open to when to use the masculine and when to use the feminine, clearing what’s in the way of creating a whole new experience that can include:

– Magnetizing new clients, income and business partners (to name a few!) with little-to-no-effort
– Attracting new love partners that actually treat you how you want to be treated! (Think no longer having to do all of the work in your relationships, and in general, being loved and cared for the way you truly desire and deserve.)
– Evoking more support than you’ve ever imagined possible (Everything from big things like people offering to help you with your work, projects and your to-do list to small things like people carrying your groceries or helping you with your luggage.)
– Slowing down with more time and space for you

You’ll leave feeling more open, calm and connected, knowing how to ignite your inner radiance for powerful results!