I’ve been crying a lot lately

And I want you to experience this too.

You see, these are tears of gratitude. And not too long ago, these were not even in my realm of possibility. I was living life, mainly focused on the physical, living day-to-day, focusing on my future and “the end goal”.

And slowly, as I’ve stepped into the truth of who I am, I’ve tapped into the beauty, the miracles, the utter brilliance of every moment, every experience, every person and with this, everything and every thing has changed.

I walk outside and see magic. I work with a client and they open to their soul’s knowings and destiny. I cry on a plane ride home, in the truth of what was, what is and what’s coming.

Seriously, someone pinch me.

The truth is, though, I know that I’ve barely scratched the surface of these tears and I know everyone (that includes you!) is meant to have this.

And, if you’re feeling like it’s time, I want to take you there.