Inner Peace in 15 Minutes

inner peace

I receive a lot of requests for “quick” help for inner peace, happiness, abundance and overcoming fear, and, while I get the desire behind these requests, underneath these requests is a pattern I recognize quite well. What pattern is this? It’s the pattern of wanting the answers and a quick solution.

It makes sense, too, as we come into this world wired that way. You see, when we’re just in our energy state, and not in physical form, things are only all good, and because time and space doesn’t exist there, we literally think of something and it’s there. We end up taking this expectation of inner peace into our physical body and expect the same results.

And, when I started out on this quest, part of what drove my desire was quick, powerful change. And, while there might be no bigger proponent or a coach more results- and change-driven, (which is why my clients share feedback of patterns they’ve literally worked on for years that have been cleared in as little as one session), changing something quickly and maintaining a true and fearless state of inner peace, happiness and abundance are two different things.”

Being in a continued state of these, and being able to handle whatever comes your way, requires walking the path which means choosing it and then doing the work regularly, even religiously, day after day and year after year. It also means taking a stand for yourself and your life, no matter what. And, it means owning and honoring all of your emotions, not just the good ones.

And, really, it’s an inside job. 

Why is this?

Because a huge part of what throws us out of our true state, is painful moments that happen in our childhood. To be clear, these moments can be significant like a parent leaving or abusing us, but they can also be “small” moments where a parent gets mad at us or doesn’t do something we want them to do. While these decisions may be for our highest good, it still doesn’t negate the impact that these moments have on us, and inherently, even though these moments happened decades earlier, the little child that lives within us still wants to have the voice they didn’t have in that moment, and because of this, which has gotten stored as an emotion(s) in the body, it is now magnetizing their present-day experience.

As part of this, you have to be willing to sit with the emotions that come up from these hard times of life and feel them until they dissipate, which they will, even though it may take time. (Hint: As you do this, too, in addition to feeling better and better, you begin to know you can get through anything, and nothing is as a big deal as we are conditioned to make it.)

And while I know this work is not for the faint of heart, unfortunately, there is no quick fix for a fearless life of true happiness, peace and abundance.

To walking your path,

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