I was thinking of giving up… and then this happened!

I was thinking about giving up…

Or at a minimum, taking a pause. I’ve been working on a huge project for the Business and Sales Coaching part of my business and this idea had come through that had felt amazing, light and exciting when it initially popped in. Initially, I got traction on it, but then it suddenly stopped and I spent the next month creating activity without results.

And, let’s face it. It can be grueling when you’re working on something and putting a ton of effort in without the reward.

So, as I began to work on it again a few weeks ago, it didn’t feel right and I wanted to stop.

Was this the right step to create this? Why was I no longer feeling excited about it?

I agreed to take a pause (As I’ve shared, I’m not into forcing things these days.) and instead, I reached out for help.

One thing I did was to pull a tarot card. For me, when I pull a card, the information I get is extremely accurate. In this case, the card I pulled was “Look for a sign.”

The next day I had been texting with an old colleague and mentioned to him what I was up to with this project and he said he wanted to participate!

A minute later (I kid you not) this other person who had expressed interest, but had to take a step back, texted me!

The next day another old colleague of mine said yes!

The day after that I got someone on board from a major medical company!

And, well, you get the point.

And, I’m sharing this with you today as a reminder that, if you have something that you desire, the Universe wants it for you too and many times, we can give up right before something big (and all of the effort we’ve put in) changes!

This isn’t to say it will always be easy (though I am working on creating it this way more and more :)), but if you can stay the course, it will always be worth it.

To close, I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes (This may be paraphrased.) from Mike Dooley:

“You know what happens the day before something big. Not a dang thing.”

To something big!