I had a dream about Kevin Bacon the other night…

No, not that kind of dream.

No, in this dream, I was coaching Kevin. When I woke up, two things really stuck for me:

First, if I can coach Kevin Bacon, I can coach anyone. After all, that guy knows everyone! (If you’re not familiar with the reference, check out “Kevin Bacon – Six Degrees of Separation”.)

And, the bigger, more important piece:

Dream bigger.

Many times we rule out certain possibilities or don’t even consider them because they feel too big. But, everything is possible, if you believe it to be so and take action accordingly. And, while I don’t have any desire to coach a celebrity, I do have the desire to think, play and dream even bigger than I was, which was definitely already big! 🙂

Where are you doing this in your life and what’s one thing you can do to dream and play bigger? Comment below.

To the other white meat!

One thought on “I had a dream about Kevin Bacon the other night…

  1. oh, oh, oh, I got this one!!! Um, I’m willing and able to play bigger in making contacts, in making a difference, in talking to everyone with love and sincerity and openness, And tell them what I do as a business owner! LOVE your post!!!

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