How to Trust Yourself

This Month’s Video: How to Trust Yourself

How do we trust ourselves and our decisions and decide what’s right for us, even when it’s hard? In today’s video, Deb talks about the patterns that can get in the way of this, not only from our childhood, but our present day, while sharing several tools that can help you to make decisions, even, and really, especially, when they’re hard, and as part of this, how to trust yourself more.

0:55 – Some of the experiences from our childhood that block self-trust
2:55 – Patterns that show-up for us as adults that block self-trust
4:15 – An important message (and example) for owning that you can trust yourself
5:37 – A decision-making tool that helps with self-trust
6:03 – How to ask for support from your guidance around decisions you’re needing to make in your life
6:33 – How to embed deeper self-trust into your being

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