How to Know If Someone is The One

This Month’s Video: How to Know If Someone is The One

Are you struggling with knowing if someone is (or isn’t) the one for you? In today’s video, Deb shares a variety of tools and provides several ways to help you to know if someone is or isn’t right for you.

0:10 – Introduction to Deb’s work
0:25 – Why we can have trouble determining this in the first place
0:53 – Where this answer first shows up
1:44 – Another way to look at this to determine this
1:54 – A process we can use for this
3:00 – How to get guidance on this
3:22 – An undiscussed concept in dating that helps you meet the one sooner
4:37 – A subconscious belief that may cause you to stay in the wrong relationship permanently or longer than you should

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