Do You Have a Dream or Desire You’re Not Pursuing? Where to Start…

Do you have a dream or desire you’re not pursuing? We’re being called, now more than ever, to own our desires and most importantly, to go after them.

But, where do we begin, especially when fear, doubt and uncertainty start to creep in?

Simply put, you have to get clear if your fear now is more important than your regret later. 

As I pursue my biggest (and most scariest!) dreams and desires, my centering point is always if I’m going to have any regret at the end of my time here.

When I center in this, while it doesn’t take away the fear, it makes it easier to move forward.

Yesterday, I went cold calling for my business, and the one time I did hear no in my day, to put it bluntly, it sucked. But, I used it to propel me forward and ground me into my yes. I also used it to get better and craft a stronger response. Every single time I take action forward, I get the opportunity to tailor my approach for bigger success. If I never move forward, I never get more information. Of course, too, with this, many times, forward action is the only way to get the clarity we’ve been looking for, so if you’re looking for clarity to get started, you might never start.

(By the way, the secret to any successful business person isn’t not failing or making a mistake. It’s what they do when this happens – which is to try something new. Oh, and they choose whatever it is that they’re moving towards over and over, no matter what “results” they get, until the energy of their choice catches up with the results.)

For me, too, another piece that has helped me tremendously to move forward through these challenges, and really to create deep-rooted success, is addressing and overcoming my internal blocks, blocks like fear, playing small and self-doubt.

This is one of the many reasons why I’ve created this Saturday’s Online Own Your Power Workshop. In this workshop, we will begin to shift many of these beliefs as well as our beliefs around power. This includes the roles we’ve bought into that hold us back from being our true, big, infinite selves, depending on what gender we are, where power and being powerful has a negative connotation for us and the places where we’ve given our power away.

You can sign-up here. Simply put, it’s going to be AWESOME! 🙂

Look forward to seeing you there and wishing you the courage you need to move towards all of your dreams and desires!