How to Be True to You and Manage Your Energy in Today’s Climate

I hope you are doing well during these fluctuating times. With this, this month, I was guided to switch it up a bit! Instead of our Monthly Clearing Video, I wanted to do a short video on being true to you and managing your energy in today’s current climate.

That being said, feel free to either comment on YouTube or reply to this email to let me know how you liked it, your #1 takeaway and if you’d like to see more of these, more clearings or both!

In the meantime, sending much love to you,

This Month’s Video: How to Be True to You and Managing Your Energy in Today’s Climate

There’s so much going on in our world today, with so much information coming at us and so many decisions we need to make about our well-being. How do we decipher what’s right for us and not allow ourselves to be negatively impacted or overcome by the world’s events?

Tune into this video for quick tips for powerful change.