How to Amplify Your Creativity Through Healing

I was talking with a friend the other day about her song-writing, and a perspective came through, that on one level is so obvious, and yet, on another level, is so deeply buried, that it felt profound.

What was this perspective? 

“Our healing paves the way for significantly deeper levels of creativity.”
I invite you to stop and think about this, as I share what I mean.

First, every time we heal a piece within ourselves, we are a truer version of ourselves. This is where our highest, most-creative self lives—simple as that.

Second, every time we heal ourselves, we open more of our intuition. While I know we can be trained to believe only certain people have intuition, our intuition is revealed through our healing journey. The more blocks we clear, the more this opens. These blocks can include creative blocks as well as blocks to our truth and the patterns we have around forcing things to get something done. And, while it takes practice and some serious work to recognize what our intuition looks like to be able to tap into it, it is well worth it and opens a portal to a space that feels like, and really is, endless creativity.

With this, too, our healing puts us in a state of flow. Think of any creative project, and depending on what state you’re in, you’re either flowing or you likely have your walls up. But, what our healing does, is it opens that ooey-gooey center that lives within each of us that allows the words to flow and the images to show ;), whether it’s for that book, song or picture, to name a few.

And, last, but not least, our healing paves the way for this to happen much quicker. So, instead of us taking months to write a song, or years to write that book or paint that picture, these can happen within a matter of hours or days. All we have to do is relax and let what wants to come through, come through.

With this, if you’re wanting to dive deeper into your creativity, or are feeling at all creatively blocked, and this idea sparks something within you, I would start by looking at and asking:

1. What patterns of mine get in the way of me creating and/or completing that creative project?
A few examples:
a. Self-imposed deadlines – Time is illusionary, so every time we try to put a deadline on ourselves, especially when we haven’t tuned in, we block the flow of energy. Unless it’s necessary, I would encourage you to take the pressure off, and instead, take a break to spark some creative inspiration when you feel like this is blocking you. (More on this later.)
2. Trying to force completion  – While this one can be similar to a deadline, when you have something you’re working on, many times, when we try to force ourselves to complete it, this stifles the energy.
3. Thinking something’s not good enough – I would imagine this is the most common block, and a reflection of where we don’t feel good enough. But, the more we’re willing to love ourselves and our work as is, and to be willing to put it out in the world, even if we don’t perceive it as “perfect,” we realize it won’t kill us and the easier this becomes.

2. If I stripped away all ego, fear and perfectionism, what parts of me would still stand? I.e., What are the truest parts of me and how can I bring those forward in the world more?
Think about this, and begin defining these. Some of mine:
– That I’m meant to share my journey and path, being as vulnerable and real as possible, no matter what others think.

– I am good enough as I am and perfectly-imperfect. In fact, this is where the juiciness exists that creates the aliveness of my life and where the lovability lives for every part of me.
– I am meant to be uncomfortable. This is where I grow, learn and expand as a being. Period.

Then, once you’ve defined these for you, start moving towards this next level version of yourself, leaving the parts that are no longer you behind, knowing small steps can lead to big changes. So, for example, if I was scared of putting my book out, I might start by sharing one passage with a friend or on Social Media.

3. What activities put me in a flow space?
For me, nature, adventure and exercise, and really, anything that brings me closer to source and gets my body moving, are my go-to’s. That being said, if I am feeling blocked creatively, I take a pause and get out into nature. With this, start to recognize what these are for you and cultivate ways to give this to yourself regularly, especially when you feel this.

4. And, last, but not least, create a plan for deeper healing. 
That being said, if you are working on a creative project or want to, and especially, if you are feeling blocked, I would invite you to find additional ways to heal, whether it’s through a book, program, or one-on-one coaching.

Most importantly, it’s important that you find ways to ignite the creativity within and share that with the world, as the world needs your creative signature.

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