How My Guides & Angels Helped Me to Get Out of a Parking Ticket

Many of you have been part of my community for quite some time now (Thank you!!), and you know how much I love playing with magic and miracles in our every day reality in practical ways to help us in life?

As part of this, did you know that there are higher-vibrational beings that you can access for guidance and support at all times? Did you know that they will only step in to help when asked?

This higher-vibration support I’m talking about is our Guides & Angels, and I work with mine all of the time to help me – with everything.

One of my most recent (cool!) stories was the other night when I stopped to pick-up something at the drug store. While I knew the area I was parking in is a high-ticket area, I decided I wasn’t going to pay for parking, as I was only running in for one item, and I trust that I’m always protected and supported.

So, I simply asked, “Guides & Angels – Can you protect my car while I run inside?” I got a yes, and I proceeded to get what I needed. As I was coming out of the store, I saw the parking attendants by my car, though they had not ticketed me, at least not yet. 🙂 Phew.

But, what was super fun was running into my neighbor in my building a few minutes later, and her asking me if I had gotten a ticket. As I was wondering how she knew about that, she told me she was outside of the store and saw me coming out and then proceeded to tell me that she had gotten a ticket (this was not the good/fun part), even though she had paid for parking. Of course, I didn’t tell her about the Guides & Angels, but the reinforcement that I’m always supported (as we all are!) made me smile. (This was the good part. :))

I know Guides & Angels can feel mystical, but they don’t need to be! I love working with them for practical applications all of the time including:

Big things like:

  • Asking them for guidance in your business or career on the best next steps to create bigger abundance
  • Asking for support in being guided to your soul mate
  • Getting help on the quickest, easiest way to achieve any of your goals and, really, to take your goals to the next level (and beyond!)
  • Asking them to bring the right people to you for support in your business and personal life
  • Always feeling protected, loved and supported

And small things like:

  • ALWAYS getting a parking space right in front – I call this parking “car”-ma! 🙂
  • Directions on the best way to go
  • Protection from parking tickets (and all kinds of small, every day events!)

I’d love to show you how to work with them regularly for daily miracles, which is why our June Workshop is Connecting to Your Guides and Angels!

You can find out more details and sign-up here. (There will be a recording, too, if you’re unable to make it live!)

In the meantime, I encourage you, when you’re needing help or guidance on something to simply do what I described above – and ask.

To knowing you’re always supported!

P.S. – Not too long after, I used another version of the above with my family friend’s car, who thought she would have enough time to move her car before the parking restrictions went into effect. When she realized she wouldn’t, I said, let’s connect with the Parking Angels! 🙂 I put them on the job, and when we came out of the movie, she was all good! There are so many different Angels we can call on. I love working with the most practical ones to create my reality, and we all deserve to live in this kind of support and guidance. Let me teach you how! You can sign-up here now.