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Living Deeply UPLEVEL – Group Program

Are you ready for a massive uplevel in your soul + life? Do you want to live in a way that feels more connected, deep and real? Are you wanting to feel and live deeply for next-level transformation, healing and forgiveness, and with this, to see the results that this kind of alignment creates in EVERY aspect of your life?

I thought so.

What I Know:

  • We tend to be more focused on our physical, outer-world reality, than on our inner reality.
  • Our inner reality creates it all, and our willingness to go deeper with our healing than we’ve ever gone allows us to not only feel safe with + trust ourselves and, with this, others, but it creates a life where we feel more alive than we could ever imagine. We experience more depth and connection than ever before. Life is richer than we’ve ever thought possible.
  • Unfortunately, though, we haven’t been taught how to be with ourselves + our emotions. We haven’t been taught how to identify what’s really occurring for us and work with it in our every day lives to create powerful transformation and healing, and with this, to recognize that it is ALWAYS working for us. Worse yet, we haven’t been taught that we’re worthy of this level of commitment to ourselves. 

Instead, many of us have given up on aspects of ourselves. We’ve given up on fully healing and forgiving. We’ve given up on living a life that’s truly connected, deep and real. Maybe we’ve even given up on our dreams or are playing a much smaller game than we were ever intended to be.

That’s where the Living Deeply UPLEVEL Group Program comes in.

Imagine a program where you were regularly supported towards next-level growth and healing, a program that held the vision for your next-level self, and most importantly, helped you to experience consistent + constant shifts, alignment and transformation,


making you unrecognizable (in the best way possible!) by the end of it!

I was so lucky to find Deb at the peak of a two year period of depression and anxiety. I’ve dealt with both for most of my life and while there were years that were better, it felt like something that would always be in the background. Deb is the only person I’ve worked with who was actually able to help me reframe my thinking and outlook on life. She took me back to the very beginning to figure out where a lot of my thinking stemmed from and challenged me to break these patterns. Things that I felt were just part of me like overthinking everything are now gone. I read something on her website that said one session with Deb is more valuable than years of therapy and that is 100 percent true. I am so much happier and lighter and for the first time I feel like I have the mindset and tools I need to get through anything. I have a healthier relationship with myself and everyone around me! Deb changed my life!  – Ally S.

I learned more about my life and self in 4 months with Deb than in nearly 4 years of therapy! Her pattern-breaking sessions helped me identify what was holding me back in life and where those patterns stem from. Since meeting Deb I’ve found my path in life and more importantly, found myself. Couldn’t recommend her enough!  – Sarah K.

Let’s face it. Growth is a constant, ever-evolving journey, and yet we haven’t been taught what this level of commitment to ourselves, our life, and really, our soul, requires.

Yes, as a human, you came here to have the rich experience of a physical-world based life. But, as a soul, you came here to grow, feel, love + forgive.

While this sounds simple in practice, as life is happening (and it always is!), we can lose this focus. And, one of my biggest intentions for this program, in addition to helping you to connect to and live from your soul + truth, is to help you to stay focused on this part of your journey and support you along the way. 

Because, as I’ve found out, over and over, it’s this focus that ensures we feel connected, loved and supported, no matter what’s occurring. It’s this focus that ensures we are living with no regrets. It’s this focus that allows us to live a life that’s on purpose, and, not to sound cliché, but to live a life that’s beyond our wildest dreams. True story. ☺

Sound good?!

After my first workshop with Deb I spoke with my Dad for the first time in over 10 years!!!! I am not a long term friend or a client. I met her the day of the workshop and in one day made that major of a mindset shift. Deb has incredible energy, awareness of it, and a powerful ability to guide others towards transformation by helping to clear what doesn’t serve and replenish what will! 6000 out of 10 recommend – she’s doing RAD work! – Jessica Lauren

Thank YOU again so much for your work! (From yesterday’s workshop), I’ve noticed huge shifts in how I perceive the world around me. I feel much more relaxed knowing a lot of my perceptions where not mine to begin with and no longer serve my highest self. I love it and am very grateful for this opportunity to heal in a different way than I have ever done. – Crystal


  • You are committed to your healing and growth and with this, are seeking to go deeper to heal, feel and fully forgive to create a life that’s unrecognizable in the best way possible, but you know you need direction and can’t do it alone.
  • With this, you are a self-starter. You will take Deb’s guidance and act on it. You know Deb’s help, coupled with a community craving more vulnerability and authenticity, will not only empower you to stay focused towards your personal growth goals to keep upleveling month after month, but will also help you to cultivate deep self-love and worth.
  • You are seeking deeper alignment and a deeper connection to self.
  • You crave the real. Superficial isn’t your style.
  • You are on (or getting on) the path of your soul. You realize it’s not just about the physical and that living from your soul is a very important part of your journey.
  • You’re ready to play a bigger game (and have more fun doing it too!)! As part of this, you’re ready to own your power + worth, take control of your life and open to the answers within.


  • You don’t take responsibility for your experiences and like to blame others for what’s happening in your life. Excuses are a good friend to you.
  • You want someone else to do the work for you.
  • You say you want to change, but when it comes down to it, you don’t want to make the investment of time and money that’s required to create it. With this, you’re uncomfortable asking for help in a group setting.
  • You’d prefer to live more from the physical world. 

One session with Deb was more powerful than 10 years of therapy.  – Stephanie C.

Deb’s work is completely different than any other coaching or therapy I have done; and as a therapist I have done much personal work myself. Her work comes from such a caring place of strength and understanding.  She intuitively knows where to go while also allowing the client to be the ultimate guide and leader of their lives for creating dynamic change. She teaches how to be truly relational with oneself and others, and she shows her clients how to reconnect with all aspects of self through feeling one’s feelings in new ways to find our own truth. I have never experienced work like this before, and how tuned in and knowledgeable Deb is. What a gift it is to engage in this process with Deb!  – Lexi M.

What does this One-Year Program include?

  • Big Vision Assessment + Creation Plan – Do you know what your big vision is for your life, business/career + relationships? With this, have you written it out, and really felt it? Even deeper, have you ever seen the power of having someone else also hold this big vision for you? This program will start with this clarity and Deb holding the space for you throughout the year for you to really move into this, month after month.
  • Monthly Group Q&A + Clearing Call (12 Calls throughout the year – up to 60 Minutes each!) – On this call, bring an area you’re wanting support in creating for that month, so we can clear it and start to create the next version of this for your vision. Participants will not only get the awarenesses, healing and clearing/guidance from their question, but from all of the participants on the call. All calls will be recorded. (Important to note, too: as the group grows, more calls may be added.)
  • *JUST ADDED* – Online Clearing Call/Series Invites – In addition to the Monthly Group Q&A + Clearing Call, you will receive invites to Deb’s 60-Minute Online Clearing Calls/Series. During these calls, we will be targeting some of your biggest soul blocks to Love and Money, and Deb will be reading and helping you to clear these. And, while non-UPLEVEL Participants typically pay at least $97 to be part of this, for being part of the UPLEVEL Program, these are included!
  • Monthly Check-Ins – Also, not only will we start the program with a big vision assessment, all participants will receive a monthly email to help you to stay focused, clear and on-track to not only set realistic goals each month, but to get clear on how you want to feel while also helping you to think outside-of-the-box as you create month-by-month.
  • Channeled Messages – As part of this program, Deb will be sharing channeled messages from her and your guides as they come through to help you to keep expanding, opening and clearing! Many of you have experienced the magic Deb brings when she tunes in and channels! Now, imagine this magic over an entire year!
  • Email Readings – You will also have unprecedented access to Deb, where you will have the opportunity to ask her questions twice per month via email. 

Examples of questions can include:

a. What guidance do you have for me on ______________ ?
b. What do you see regarding ______________ ?
c. I’m feeling challenged around  ______________ . What’s blocking me/What do I need to clear?
d. Yes/No questions are good, too! I will answer that question, including anything I’m shown.

  • Regular Clearing Statements – Throughout each month, you will get new awarenesses and subconscious blocks that you can clear immediately to continually uplevel. If you’re new to clearing, no worries. I will teach you a clearing process that you can easily use wherever you are to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit and release of each new awareness and block.
  • Community Support – Not only will you receive Deb’s support, but you’ll receive the support of everyone in this group, and let’s face it, in these hard times, we need people supporting us, lifting us up, and really, a place to turn when things do and don’t go our way. That’s what this group is here for.
  • Discounted Single One-on-One Coaching Sessions! As you go, if you find you’re wanting further support or to go deeper at any point throughout the year, you have the option to purchase an unlimited amount of single One-on-One Coaching Sessions at a discounted rate and for shorter-time increments. (Both 30-Minute and 60-Minute Sessions are available.) That being said, it’s important to note three things. First, single sessions are currently not available to the public. Second, this is the lowest rate that anyone can purchase Deb’s time for at this time. Third, 30-Minute One-on-One Sessions have never been available—until now!
  • Plus, some magic, bonuses and surprises along the way! I am completely committed to your success in this program, and just like everything I do, as we go, I will be using my intuition to determine what is going to create the biggest healing for each participant. What does this mean? It means, throughout the year, as it feels right, I will be sprinkling you with valuable extras – things like bonus calls and workshop audios, and really, whatever I determine is needed to optimize your success!
  • NOT TO MENTION, INTUITION, DEPTH AND MIRACLES (TO NAME A FEW!)! Maybe in our previous time together, you went deeper than you’ve gone in awhile (or ever!)? Maybe you received an answer you had been seeking? Maybe something unexplainable, unexpected and/or magical happened that changed a part, or even the course of your life and/or relationships?! Now imagine this call after call and month after month. What kind of impact would these kind of results have over time in your life? In my world, these kinds of results are typical anytime I work with my clients and workshop participants, when they are also committed to this kind of transformation. Let’s create this together!!!


Your Investment Today: $888 (Full Pay)   

Your Investment Today: $99 per month (12 Months)

Deb’s clearings are different from anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve spent years taking self-development classes and learning how to use various energy-clearing tools. With Deb’s clearings, I’ve found them so effective at clearing old habits and blocks that it’s easy to forget they work. That’s because they have a way of so completely removing the root thought or feeling that caused the pattern that you don’t remember it was ever there. Your point of awareness is so shifted and elevated that you no longer relate to the old pattern. It can be instantaneous… When they’re done, I feel very relaxed and clear headed and old feelings, fears and concerns just seem to lift out of my energy field. I feel like the energy sweeps all the corners and unseen areas of my mind and vibrations. Clearing unconscious patterns can be some of the hardest clearings because they are just that – unconscious. But the energy in her clearings is very conscious and light-filled so anything of lesser vibration gets attracted to it and swept out of your field. It feels light, but the impact is powerful. …they never fail to leave me feeling better – happier, clearer and more joyful. – Anonymous

… Deb is amazing. She always made me feel like I could trust her and she was looking out for my best interest, she is very honest and intuitive. I get excited for my sessions every week. I love improving. This has been a game changer for me and now I’m ready to conquer the world! If you give her a chance and have a strong desire to change for the better, you will find similar results for your life.  – Jenni F.


To answer this question, I need to ask you some questions first.

Will you play full out?

Will you seek help when you need it?

Will you show up for the calls and do the monthly check-ins?

Most importantly, will you make time to commit to yourself and your success?

If you answered yes to the above, ANYTHING. IS. POSSIBLE. 

You’ll set the intentions. I’ll hold the vision. And together we’ll make magic!


Your Investment Today: $888 (Full Pay)   

Your Investment Today: $99 per month (12 Months)

Deborah helped me identify and transform issues that have been holding me back my entire life. Since I started working with her, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. Because of this work, I get to show up in the world in a more authentic way, creating a life that’s really true for me.  She is truly inspiring and great to work with!  – Michelle P.

It’s hard to put into words how much I’ve changed since working with Deb, but I’ll say this. For anyone desiring to do this work, I believe Deb can help you come from and respond with truth, authenticity and heart. Through the process she walked me through, which took the story out of everything that was holding me back, my life took on a new flow, with more ease, clarity and peace. This, all in love, kindness and understanding. If you believe you’re meant to be truly happy now and that you’re not meant to settle, Deb’s the coach for you!  – Deb B.

One other important thing to mention – why this program, why Deb and why now?

If you haven’t already experienced this, the thing that separates working with me compared to other coaches (and other programs) is this:

My commitment to my personal growth and healing journey. 

This is a practice that I am committed to daily, and this is the reason why many have experienced the accessing of their emotions at new levels. This is the reason why many have experienced such profound transformation in short periods of time. This is the reason why new levels of truth, clarity and wholeness are achieved so easily.

It’s my connection to source that opens yours and helps you to remember. It’s very important to me that I am the clearest channel for your growth, and this can only be done by healing within and getting out of my own way.

Not to mention it’s my goal for everyone that I work with to experience their own version of this kind of connection for themselves. After all, I’m not your source. You are.

It’s through this that, we return to our power. We return to our truth. We return to all that is.


During our workshop, I felt a release of mental obsession I’ve had for MANY years with my father and X-husband. Afterwards I felt more at peace then I have in years, I wasn’t in my head as much about past/future.  I felt as though I was going to be ok and there wasn’t as much ‘wrong’ with me as I have felt especially in relation to my father & X(-husband). – Debra S.

(I loved) The whole thing… The clearing was amazing – I really felt a lot of energy clearing and myself expanding into the truth of who I am. – Sarah V.


Your Investment Today: $888 (Full Pay)   

Your Investment Today: $99 per month (12 Months)