Clearing Childhood Blocks to Money – 60 minutes

Are you recreating a similar experience to your parents (or caregivers) when it comes to money? Have you taken their beliefs, stories and patterns into your life, subconsciously or unconsciously, recreating a financial story that’s not really working for you? Examples of these subconscious blocks can include:

  • Where you took your childhood paradigm of struggle into your current reality because that’s all you ever knew, and you’ve been struggling ever since
  • Where watching your parents, you, understandably, believed that money caused them to fight, and even get divorced, so you made a subconscious decision to never let money get close to you
  • Where you forgot that you are all that is, so you began chasing money, thinking you could do the “right” or “wrong” things to have it in your life (FYI – While this is our typical programming, this is absolutely not true!)

With this, are you ready to create a new money and financial story? If so, this audio is a powerful way to shift so many of your money blocks to create a story (and life!) that’s truly working for you!


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