Why I Don’t Always Recommend Asking a Psychic About Love + Next Online Group Energy Clearing

I can’t believe it’s February already! I know many consider this the month of love (I’d like to believe all months are the months of love! :)), and with this, I want to talk about a common pattern that I see when it comes to finding and having long-term love in our lives.

Have you ever been to a psychic before, seeking answers about love? Me too – everything from when will he be here to is the person I’m dating the one. And, while these are understandable questions meant to help relieve the anxiety that we can feel when it comes to love (and really, any areas of our lives), here’s why I don’t recommend this:

1. The Energy is Constantly Changing.

1) The energy is changing so quickly right now, that if you go to a psychic and they tell you, for instance, that someone is going to be coming into your life next month, if you attach to this, you can box yourself in and limit the possibilities of what could happen. After all, if you’re going to a reputable psychic, they should just be reading the energy in that moment, and literally, the next day everything could change, which could leave you in the past if you stay attached to that idea. (I can’t tell you how many times my Guides brought me the energy of someone, and then, one day, I would wake up, and their energy would be gone. Being finely-tuned to energy, I was able to notice this and move with the flow, but I know before I started studying energy, I wouldn’t have been tuned to this, so it could have kept me stuck.)

2. It Moves Us Out of Trust and Being in Our Power.

Asking a psychic about this also moves us out of trusting and takes us out of our power. After all, when we are in our power, we trust that everything is happening exactly as it should be and right on time. As part of this, we own that we get to create it how we want to create it. This means, if you’re in a relationship, no one else but you can determine if it’s going to work out. And, if you’re not in a relationship, you take control of your life and take massive action to say yes to your desire for love. (And, then, you mix in some trust, faith and magic for the perfect combination! :))

3. It Puts Our Desire Into the Future.

Also, asking a psychic puts what we’re desiring into the future. After all, if it was here, would you be asking a psychic when it would be here? Of course not. And, the key to creating anything in your life is owning that’s it’s already here, not that it’s coming.

4. It Doesn’t Always Read Accurately and It May Not Be in Your Highest Good to Know Something.

My last reason on this is that psychics are human, too, and can read the energy wrong. And, even if they don’t read the energy wrong, it might not be in your highest good to know something, so they may be blocked from being able to see this clearly or correctly not to mention, again, they are just reading the energy in the present moment, which can change super quickly. For me, I can’t tell you how many times people told me a partner was coming in, and either, he didn’t come in, or he came in and we weren’t aligned. On the opposite end, my Guides stopped sharing this information with them most of the time because they knew it wasn’t in my highest good to know, as again, it put me in the energy of attachment. I remember one such time, awhile ago, being extremely mad at my Guides for them not telling me anything and my partner not being here already. Later, I knew they were serving me, as I had to feel the pain, disappointment and the feeling of being alone that this brought up for me, but in the moment, I felt triggered and devastated. Also, if I’m honest, it put me in the energy of a bit of laziness. After all, if he was already coming, if I felt tired one night, I might choose to stay in versus putting myself out there. And, it’s when we think we know these things that we cut The Universe off from possibilities and bringing in bigger magic and miracles into our lives!

With that, if you do go to a Psychic, make sure you stay focused on the fun of it and don’t get too attached to anything that they share, and here’s what I really recommend:

1. Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, whether you’re single or coupled.

2. Stay focused on what you’re desiring already being here, whether that means seeing your partner here or if you’re in a partnership, seeing your partner showing up as you’d like them to.

3. Be grateful for where you are now, as it’s always been about the journey anyways, not the destination.

And, if you’re ready to work on Big Love Partnership and clearing out the relationship patterns that stop you from this, come join me on Saturday, February 17th for my next Online Group Energy Clearing! For my definition of big love, more details and to register, click here. (Registration closes on Friday, February 16th at 11 pm ET.)

Much love!