Consciousness at 92

My grandpa knows very little about the work I do. Shifting and clearing someone’s energy to help them create a new experience doesn’t mean too much him. Nor does consciousness or releasing emotions to raise your vibration, but he’s living proof you can always choose.

You see it was several years ago when my grandpa lost his frontal vision to macular degeneration. He woke up one morning and the vision in his right eye was skewed. He went to the eye doctor and was diagnosed. Over the next three years, his sight began to shift until one day he was making a quick trip to the store and literally realized he couldn’t see. Thankfully, he made it home that day safely.

But, that’s when the real adjustment started.

He could no longer golf, which he loved to do. He could no longer follow some of his favorite shows or watch a movie and always understand what was going on. And, he could no longer drive or pay bills, which meant the loss of some freedom.

But with the loss of this freedom came a whole different freedom. Because with this loss came choices. For him, this loss meant the choice that the loss of his sight would not mean waking up every day complaining. It would not mean giving up his independence. And it would not mean the loss of his joy.

Instead, he takes a 30-minute walk each morning.
He makes his own meals and meets his friends in the dining hall daily.
And he does it all with a smile on his face.

And I share this story with you today to help you shift whatever’s going on in your life, because guess what?!

You always have a choice.

You can always choose to smile.
You can always choose to be happy.
You can always choose strength, courage and freedom in the face of great obstacles.

Because if my grandpa can at 92, you can to!

To freedom and choice!

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