Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and yet you’re still not where you want to be? Maybe you’ve worked with a therapist(s) for years or have tried other coaches, healers and modalities and yet nothing (or very little) has changed or your work with them has gone stagnant? Maybe you’ve even been going it all alone thinking you could do it all by yourself?

You’ve been searching, and you know there’s something more for you.

Are you (finally!) ready to take new (and different!) steps to heal, forgive and transform to see your life look completely different?

If your answer is yes, then I’d love to support you!


Hi – I’m Deb, and my journey to create a different life started several years ago now, after several years of therapy and another failed relationship attempt. While I had awareness of why I was attracting the same type of person over and over (My dad had left our house before I was two.), that awareness alone wasn’t changing anything.

This was an extremely hard time for me, though, as the thing I wanted most in my life was love, and yet, no matter what I did, nothing was changing. It was then that I finally decided to do something different to create a different result.

As I started searching for new ways to heal and transform, what I came to realize was that I had a deep-seeded abandonment pattern that had started when my dad had left and had been cemented in with the devastating loss of my mom when I was 17.

On this new path, what I was beginning to realize was that, even before I was two, I had subconsciously taken on the ideas that love equaled leaving, because of course, my dad loved me and yet he had left, and that I would always be left.

So, as I started to unravel this and years of pain, hurt and resentment, and really, as I started to forgive, which I was initially hesitant to do as I didn’t want to let my dad off the hook for what he had done to my mom, and really, to me, I felt a weight lifting off of me and in its place, a newfound love for myself, my life and every single day.

With this newfound awareness and all of the ways that my abandonment pattern had impacted me, I dove deeper. I knew my life wasn’t just about managing this pattern and all of the pain and patterns that had resulted from the moment when my dad had left, but healing it. I knew with this healing, I was meant for more. Most importantly, I knew I was destined for an amazing life (and partnership!).

I’m happy to say that, after years of committing to myself, my healing and my happiness, I landed here. I successfully healed my abandonment pattern and with this, many, if not all, of the childhood patterns that came with it, patterns that included lack of sense of self, ruminating/obsessing/overthinking and accepting “crumbs” and really, less than I desired and deserved. I also fully forgave my father. And, I love myself in a way that’s rarely known that I feel super proud of – every day.

While I’m still single, my relationships and the way people treat me, whether it’s on a date or a complete stranger at the airport, is unrecognizable to me in the best way possible, as I’ve seen the self-love and self-worth I feel for myself pour into every aspect of my life, relationships and business.

Each day gets better and better, and I know I am creating everything I’ve ever envisioned for myself and more. Of course, my life isn’t perfect, but through my journey, I’ve come to realize that was never the point anyways.

If my story speaks to you, and you’re ready to heal, forgive and love yourself (and others!) more than you’ve ever thought possible, I invite you to join me!

I was so lucky to find Deb at the peak of a two year period of depression and anxiety. I’ve dealt with both for most of my life and while there were years that were better, it felt like something that would always be in the background. Deb is the only person I’ve worked with who was actually able to help me reframe my thinking and outlook on life. She took me back to the very beginning to figure out where a lot of my thinking stemmed from and challenged me to break these patterns. Things that I felt were just part of me like overthinking everything are now gone. I read something on her website that said one session with Deb is more valuable than years of therapy and that is 100 percent true. I am so much happier and lighter and for the first time I feel like I have the mindset and tools I need to get through anything. I have a healthier relationship with myself and everyone around me! Deb changed my life!  – Ally S.

SarahKI learned more about my life and self in 4 months with Deb than in nearly 4 years of therapy! Her pattern-breaking sessions helped me identify what was holding me back in life and where those patterns stem from. Since meeting Deb I’ve found my path in life and more importantly, found myself. Couldn’t recommend her enough!  – Sarah K.

Deb’s work is completely different than any other coaching or therapy I have done; and as a therapist I have done much personal work myself. Her work comes from such a caring place of strength and understanding.  She intuitively knows where to go while also allowing the client to be the ultimate guide and leader of their lives for creating dynamic change. She teaches how to be truly relational with oneself and others, and she shows her clients how to reconnect with all aspects of self through feeling one’s feelings in new ways to find our own truth. I have never experienced work like this before, and how tuned in and knowledgeable Deb is. What a gift it is to engage in this process with Deb!  – Lexi M.


Five Sessions – $2125

Are you ready to undo childhood patterns, pain and stories that have been holding you back in your life, relationships and business/career (money!)? Maybe there’s one area of your life, many times a traumatic childhood moment that you’ve struggled with that’s impacting you, your relationships or even, your success (and money!) greatly, and you’re ready to dive in to change it permanently. Maybe you’re even holding onto old break-ups, divorces or past relationships and you’re ready to let go for a fresh start, so you’re not bringing old baggage into new beginnings. Whatever the case, this package is for you!

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Do you have questions or want to chat before you dive in?! You can book The 15-Minute Catalyst Conversation with me here! During that conversation, we’ll discuss your challenges and goals and see if working together is a mutually good fit!
Ten Sessions – $3500

Are you over where you are and ready for your life to look completely different? Are you ready to let go of the deeply-rooted stories, patterns and pain that are holding you back to go deeper than you’ve ever gone to heal, forgive, love (yourself + others!) and create the life that’s worthy of you? Are you wanting to reach a new level of transformation that you’ve never experienced before? This could encompass multiple areas of your life that may include love & relationship, abundance, soul purpose (business + career!) and/or health? Are you ready to live in a new state of awareness, compassion and excitement for yourself, others and life? Then, it’s time to massively clear what’s holding you back to own the life that’s calling you!

  • Undo the old patterns, pain and abandonment that are stopping you from creating what you are desiring, so you can have the love, abundance and life (to name a few!) that you’ve always dreamed of!
  • Unravel everything that’s not you, including old patterns, stories and low-level energies, to own the powerful manifestor you are to create everything you’re desiring
  • Learn how to love yourself with a fierceness rarely known and step into and own your worth to fall in love with yourself, others and life!
  • Know how to ride the ride, feeling your feelings and no longer resisting the bad or hard things
  • Shift into life-changing awarenesses, awarenesses that may have previously been subconscious that are impacting you in a big way
  • Open to your soul’s messages and intuition to own, align and move towards what’s true for you in every moment
  • Live in rich presence, love and peace to be able to enjoy every moment of every day (Imagine living into each day, being aware of the beauty of it all!)
  • Own, live and speak from your truth versus the world’s (Our words are powerful in creating the realities that we are desiring. With that, what are you saying yes (or no!) to that’s not aligned for you?!)
  • Move into the world of magic and miracles to allow your life to take on a new, more aligned flow!

This package is for people wanting to see their lives look completely different and are ready to go deep and do the hard work that will take you there. Maybe you’ve even reached the ultimate low or a breaking point in your life & feel lost. Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything and yet you still haven’t seen the results that you’re wanting. You may not even know what you need; you just know you’re ready for things to be different. Whatever the case, this package is the perfect package to turn it all around!

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Questions?? Want to chat before you go all in?! You can book The 15-Minute Catalyst Conversation with me here! During that conversation, we’ll discuss your challenges and goals and see if working together is a mutually good fit!
***Important to note: All sessions are 60-75 minutes in length and take place over the phone, enabling you to be in a safe, comfortable environment for the deepest release with email and texting access in-between sessions. With this, each package is tailored to your individual needs, desires and goals, and the transformation starts immediately upon confirmation, as our choice and intention is a major piece to creating our reality.***
"It is my sincere intention that every single session 
is life-changing!" 
                                          - Deb Acker


What can we work on in our time together?

We can work on anything you’re desiring to, including healing, forgiving and creating the life, relationships and abundance (business + career!) that you are worthy of, that are worthy of you. My clients tend to come to me wanting to work on and transform many of the childhood patterns that aren’t working for them, including abandonment, to fully love themselves to create the life they’ve always desired. (One piece of why self-love is so important is because when we fully and truly love ourselves, we’re willing to take the stand and do the hard work to have the life we’ve always desired and imagined for ourselves.)

Through our work together, we heal these deepest, subconscious pains, hurts and old wounds, including the hurt from our parents as well as past relationships + break-ups, to name a few, to fully forgive, so you’re no longer carrying around the weight that so much of this can hold, many times, for decades or more. (Imagine no longer having that person and the pain of that hurt, loss and relationship in your consciousness or subconsciousness, so you’re no longer subconsciously creating your reality from this, unintentionally attracting what you don’t want.) This allows you to feel free and not carry any of this hurt and pain into your life and new relationships, and with this, to stop the cycle of recreating old subconscious and unconscious patterns that are no longer working for you in all areas of your life, patterns you initially took on when you were a child to ensure you were loved, and at the deepest level, that you survived.

Things we can work on together include:

  • Abandonment
  • Addiction, including love addiction, which is a common struggle that can have a big impact in dating and relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Attachment and holding onto things and people that are no longer serving you
  • Depression
  • Disconnecting from our feelings
  • Feeling invisible
  • Forgiveness
  • Grief and pain from loss and separation, including break-ups/divorce, death and suicide (You’d be surprised how many of our past relationships we are carrying around. Once you clear these, you will feel lighter, happier and free to create a new love dynamic!)
  • Lack of sense of self (Many times, we don’t know what we want, let alone act from it!)
  • Obsessing, ruminating and overanalyzing
  • Playing small, strong self-doubt and not being in your power (This pattern can show up in every aspect of your life, including your work and relationships.)
  • People pleasing and perfectionism
  • The need to control, defend and be on the defensive where we can have a wall up

From there, we’ll focus on life creation to create the life you’ve always imagined. Many times, this is around relationship as well as business and abundance (money) (as when we own our self-worth, this can greatly impact our finances too!). Most importantly, though, these sessions are about taking control of your life, so we can co-create these however you desire. Part of what I do during our sessions together is to translate the intuitive hits, downloads and visions I’m getting to help you to actualize the biggest vision and version of yourself possible!

What results will you create?

Your results are up to you!! Here are some of the things that are possible:

  • Clear your patterns, pain and abandonment, grief, anxiety and depression, which are typically impacting all areas of your life, including your business/career (money!) and relationships
  • Clear your blocks to love as well as abundance (money!), career/soul purpose, health, intuition and more!
  • Create and attract your dream life, relationship and business/career
  • Learn how to love yourself, have your own back and own your worth, no matter who you’re with or what’s happening in that moment
  • Discover your value and happiness within yourself to know you are always enough and to be able to act from it regularly, feeling confident, strong and powerful
  • Gain a strong sense of self to know your boundaries and what you need, no longer settling for less
  • Open to finding meaning and live more and more in the present moment and the flow, magic and miracles of life (What if you trusted that you could have everything you wanted, that you were always supported and never felt alone again?)
  • Connect to and feel your feelings to open to the joy that’s in every moment, not just the “good” moments (With this connection, imagine no longer resisting anything that was coming your way. Now imagine people, even strangers, honoring your feelings in a way that allows you to feel safe and protected and maybe even surprises you (in a good way!) Even more delicious, imagine your partner feeling connected to you in a way that evokes him/her to honor and fulfill your deepest desires!)
  • Access your intuition so you can find the answers within (Imagine the self-doubt you feel regularly dissipating and being replaced by a strong feeling of always being guided and supported!)
  • End the cycle of obsessing and ruminating about things, people and relationships
  • Let go of control and attaching to outcomes
  • Own, speak & move from truth + heart!
  • Put yourself first guilt-free and ask for help when you need it
  • Live from peace, calm and trust
  • Step into your true power to be seen & heard, play big in life and manifest your desires quickly
  • Unlock a world of infinite possibilities, with more ease, confidence & clarity!

How do I work with clients?

My work is based on the belief (and years of coaching and guiding clients in creating change) that our childhood moments create our current reality. From working with hundreds, if not thousands of people, I believe that typically between the ages of 0 to 7, as we are watching our parents, we are subconsciously taking on (or choosing against) all of our parents’ patterns, emotions and truths, storing these beliefs in our body. As part of this, we are making subconscious conclusions (like the two I share in my story around love equaling leaving and always being left) that become the basis for our reality.

Other examples of these conclusions can include:

  • If your parent leaves, to never experience this pain again, you might become a people pleaser, saying yes, even when you mean no, so that you won’t be left again. You then never honor your desires, reality or truth.
  • If you see your parent(s) working hard to make money, you might make up that this is how you make money (and maybe even this is the only way to make money). You then create a paradigm where you can’t make (and even attract) money easily.
  • If you saw your parents fighting, you might make up that this was your fault and that it would be better if you didn’t exist. You then spend much of your time being invisible.

With this, you continue to create these patterns, which can hold a lot of charge, over and over, until they are cleared and healed. It’s in these moments as children, if we don’t have the consciousness around this (which would be hard to have) and along with this, we aren’t given the opportunity to express ourselves and have the voice we so desperately needed to, that we store these beliefs and ideas in our bodies and begin to make up conclusions about how the world works. Then, in order to get the love we didn’t get in that moment and have the voice we didn’t get to have, we keep magnetizing it in our current everyday lives, recreating the pattern over and over.

When I’m working with a client, I am always following the charge of that moment. So, for example, if you come to me saying you want to have a stronger relationship or to make more money, as an intuitive, I will identify the root and patterns of why you’re not attracting those right now, including identifying the age you took the pattern(s) on that is blocking this along with who you took it on from, typically your mom or dad (or primary caretaker). I will then look at the conclusions you made in that moment that are blocking you from having the thing that you are desiring. We will work with your inner child, clearing what’s in the way to move you to higher and lighter operating states, integrating in your new reality and self, where you’ll feel better and start to take control of your life, actually creating and having exactly what you want.

What differentiates this work from other great work, coaches and healers?

What differentiates this work is the way I work with my intuition and guidance – likely in a way you’ve never experienced before, to co-create the highest vision and version of your reality! With this, I take you deep into your subconscious, deeper than you’ve likely ever gone – quickly. Many times what blocks us is that we’re not able to identify the real reason why we’re creating something that’s not actually working for us let alone clearing it from our field. We scratch the surface, only hitting the top layer. Doing this, though, can keep the pattern in place and you may even find yourself in a loop, telling the same story over and over.

This can be mixed with thinking the pattern is healed, when there’s still more to it. My ability to see clearly, get to the root cause of the pattern, seeing the hidden pieces of the subconscious and unconscious that you haven’t tapped into is a big piece of what releases the pattern. This is combined with powerful tools and deep exercises to rewire you to ensure the transformation is integrated. While this may seem obvious, this is something that many times can be left out.

As part of this, we’ll work with your inner child. Even if you’ve done this work in therapy or with another practitioner/healer, our work together will look differently, as many times, there are blind spots that can be missed that, over and over, my clients share have been brought to the light in our time together, opening them like never before.

Here’s why:

There’s an old saying that we can only take people as deep as we’re willing to go. For years, I’ve been committed to daily and weekly clearing, transformation and healing, including feeling whatever is present for me, to ensure I’m a clear channel for your transformation to allow you to go deeper than you ever have. (Time and again, many of my colleagues have shared that our sessions together have taken them deeper than the people we’ve studied with. This is because of my commitment to my healing and not holding onto anything that could block me from seeing the truth and clearest path to your biggest growth.) With this, all pieces of this ensure that I clearly and accurately see what’s going on for you, guiding you towards the deepest result and most powerful transformation for you. (Think: Things that have been plaguing you for decades – gonesession after session.)

Most importantly, you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re wanting help, I’d love to support you!

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Also, if you’re wanting support, but One-on-One Coaching isn’t the right fit right now, find out more about my Workshops here!

stephaniecirihalDeb helped me break a pattern that I had with my ex-husband where I felt dread and obligation about communicating with him. Every time he reached out, I felt I needed to respond, and she pinpointed exactly that my block was feeling powerless with him. She worked with me to remove that block, and I instantly felt stronger and more centered. Which of course was immediately tested by him. Something in me shifted and I was able to act in alignment with my power and truth with him in an unprecedented way. One session with Deb was more powerful than 10 years of therapy.   – Stephanie C.

321460_156466444442160_1006161978_nIt’s hard to put into words how much I’ve changed since working with Deb, but I’ll say this. For anyone desiring to do this work, I believe Deb can help you come from and respond with truth, authenticity and heart. Through the process she walked me through, which took the story out of everything that was holding me back, my life took on a new flow, with more ease, clarity and peace. This, all in love, kindness and understanding. If you believe you’re meant to be truly happy now and that you’re not meant to settle, Deb’s the coach for you!  – Deb B.

It’s my mission to help you clear the patterns, pain and 
abandonment that are holding you back to help you to create 
the life + business + relationship you are worthy of. No one 
should feel like they are all alone in this world and that 
they have to do it all themselves, carrying this pain with 
them their entire life. During our time together, you will 
heal, forgive and learn how to your love yourself, for it's 
when we can do this that, not only do we recognize that we 
are worthy of the life we desire, but we're prepared to take 
the necessary steps to actually create it. All of this takes
time, commitment and dedication, but if you are ready to 
go higher than you've ever gone, to heal, transform, love 
and forgive like never before, I'd love to support you.

What would it look like to love yourself with a fierceness rarely known to create your dream life + business + relationship? As part of this, what if you were able to let go of the pain, hurt and resentment of your childhood and past relationships to create this amazing life? Who would you be and what delicious things would you create? Let’s find out together!

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JenniF… Deb is amazing. She always made me feel like I could trust her and she was looking out for my best interest, she is very honest and intuitive. I get excited for my sessions every week. I love improving. This has been a game changer for me and now I’m ready to conquer the world! If you give her a chance and have a strong desire to change for the better, you will find similar results for your life.  – Jenni F.

amandahinmanI was so curious when I first met Deb and she told me how she helps people clear old patterns that continue to affect their life.  The idea of connecting with someone that can help me grow and have a more enjoyable life is something I’m drawn to.  After only a few shorts conversations and one clearing session, Deb has provided tremendous insight and value to my life.  Specifically, she helped me to recognize that I had a pattern of putting other’s care and well-being before my own and that it was actually negatively impacting the way I showed up as a mom for my four girls.  I feel very grateful because after only the one session, my energy shifted very dramatically.  Without even saying anything to my daughters, they have responded in a completely different way.  Specifically, they have been more willing to help around the house and communicate their needs.  It sounds almost unbelievable to me, accept that I have experienced how dramatic change can be when only one person shifts their energy.  I would highly recommend Deb to anyone that is interested in moving forward in a new direction in life!  – Amanda H.


Deborah helped me identify and transform issues that have been holding me back my entire life. Since I started working with her, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. Because of this work, I get to show up in the world in a more authentic way, creating a life that’s really true for me.  She is truly inspiring and great to work with!  – Michelle P.

MarjoTWhen I had the breakthrough session with Deb, I knew she would be the right coach for me. Her energy resonated with me and I knew that she would be able to assist me with my particular goal. I needed her guidance and techniques to move on from a stuck place in my life. I needed her help in raising my energy and awareness.  – Marjo T.

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1508575_10203501750610674_942715810_n“In just one hour-long session with Deborah, I had new awareness of long-held negative beliefs. I didn’t realize how much these beliefs were sabotaging my efforts towards more complete relationships. The awareness I gained, helped me to act and move towards a better future. Thanks Deb, for opening my heart to more.”  – Dacia C.

meDeb is one of those rare people who has the ability to cut right through the clutter and get to what is real and what matters. I value her ear, her advice and most importantly, her friendship.” – Lara M.