Pre- and Post-Clearing Guidelines

Making Clearing Part of Your Regular Routine




  • Before you get started, you’ll want to ensure you’re in a quiet place where you can relax and there are no distractions. (MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT DRIVING OR OPERATING ANY HEAVY MACHINERY WHEN YOU ARE LISTENING TO THIS.)


  • You may feel tingling, many times in the head and hands. (This is completely normal and is just energy clearing from your body.)
  • Emotions may come up, including crying. (Again, this is completely normal.) Just allow yourself to feel whatever is coming up for you, as much as possible, with the intention that if you allow yourself to fully feel it, it will help you to fully clear the pattern or block.
  • You may feel sleepy or tired. Know this is completely normal, and this is just unconscious energy coming up to clear.


  • Know these clearing statements will help you to clear your subconscious patterns and blocks. Many times, this will mean you feeling lighter, calmer and more peaceful immediately after using these.
  • If you don’t experience this (which is perfectly normal too), you may notice you feel tired, something came up that you hadn’t thought of in a long time or even emotions came up. All of these are perfectly normal, and I encourage you to pay attention to this, and where applicable, allow yourself to feel whatever is coming up for you.
  • Important to note, too, that in bringing up this energy, people will show up for you exactly as you need them to. Sometimes that means them showing up completely different (in a positive way), without the need for a conversation (which is awesome!), and sometimes that means them pushing your buttons. If it’s the latter, I encourage you to ask why this is in your field and what this may be helping you to heal or shift. As part of this, choice (and making a conscious choice to choose out of your old pattern) is key as well as remembering we create with our words, so you have to choose to not keep retelling your old story, unless you want to keep recreating it!
  • And, if you find yourself attached to specific results, I recommend letting go, as attaching to a specific result blocks the flow of energy. Each clearing statement works on a soul level, so many times, you might find that your soul’s priorities are different from your human or mind’s priorities, especially until you are in full alignment with your soul mission. I.e. – You may find that you’re wanting a new partner, but your soul is wanting you to forgive or learn how to love yourself first. Or, alternatively, that intense desire (aka attachment) that you have for physical proof of the non-physical is what needs to be cleared first. That being said, if it feels strong, that’s an indication that the clearing is working and the soul is desiring more!

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