Beautiful Truths You May Need To Hear…

Lessons from My Mom’s Death

Yesterday was the anniversary of my mom’s death. Her death taught me so many important lessons so early in life, and while this was the hardest time of my life, the lessons I grounded in as a result of this have shaped my entire world in an amazing way. I wanted to share some of those lessons here in a poem…

(And, yes, I know this is random, but a couple of days ago this message started channeling through me, and here’s how it wanted to come through! :))


There’s this moment. It’s happening every second of every minute and yet most of the time, we’re missing it.

We’re making plans instead of memories, playing with our phones instead of our children and puppies.

We’re onto the next thing before we’ve even left the thing we’re in, and really, the person we’re with. Focused on the photo instead of the picture. Our friends, and maybe even family, disguised as strangers through our eyes. 

We’re centered on our accomplishments as opposed to the recognition that just being alive is the accomplishment. Seeking quick fixes instead of long-term fruits. Searching for popularity and shiny objects that lack what we’re truly seeking.

We let the pursuit of things rule our world instead of breathing in the air, the sky, the trees and all its beauty. You know – Bigger Better Dealing instead of Big Beautiful Daying.

Sure, sometimes something significant happens that shapes us, yet so often it’s a temporary shaping instead of a permanent defining. Yes, our resilience is wonderful, though how many times do we have to experience the lesson to really get it?

With this, we let things that aren’t important dictate the things that are. 

And, in the process of it all, we miss the moment.

Yet all of that can change 

In. One. Moment.

This message brought to you by the present moment in conjunction with the National Association of Present Moments. Oh, and, of course, by a piece of my mom’s legacy.

Sending love to you!