An Important Awareness in Creating Your Reality

I just finished picking out the book cover for my upcoming book, Living Deeply: A Transformational Journey Through Deep Pain, Loss and Abandonment to Healing, Self-Love and Miracles (Woohoo!!), and as promised, I wanted to share with you a delicious awareness I’m using to root in and create a calmer, easier and lighter state of being.

Three months ago, when it hit me pretty strongly that I wasn’t making choices that were rooted in calm, I realized that I had to get clear and start thinking about the choices I was making before I made them. One great example of this, that happened many times this past year before I got clarity on what I was really doing, was that I’d make a decision I’d want to do something in my business. Then, in feeling urgency to get it done and not trusting that I could have it exactly as I wanted it, I’d hirer someone to help me with it. Inside, I could feel it wasn’t fully right, but I chose to ignore this, thinking it would be fine, as long as I got it done.

The last time this happened, something that should have taken a max of two weeks, took the person I hired six weeks, and I finally decided to pull the plug, as she still wasn’t done at that point. A piece of the work I’ve been doing around trust is this idea that I can create it however I want to. With that, I asked myself, “If I could create this exactly as I wanted to, what would that look like?” Then, I proceeded to try to find a quick solution (my old pattern). With this, I was trying to trust, but I definitely felt the urgency on really needing to complete this project and the disappointment that I had let this go on for so long. (Of course, this urgency was of my own making, which is another great awareness.)

So, it was then, though, that I did something different.

I did a pattern interrupt and went to the gym. (I love working out, and joy is a great way to come into the energy of possibilities!) Then, while I was working out, without any forcing or trying to “figure it out,” a family friend of mine, whom I have never reached out to for help in my business, popped into my consciousness. It felt like I was being guided, so I reached out to his mom, who I talk to regularly. She thought he might be able to help and gave me his number.

I reached out to him and within two hours, he recommended someone who not only completed the project within 24 hours (and this was on a Friday afternoon), but completed it for free!

This was such a huge lesson for me, as if I hadn’t gotten stuck in scarcity that I didn’t really get to have it the way I wanted and black and white thinking that this one assistant was the person to do this and that she’d definitely get it done, I could have had a solution weeks earlier. Now, I do believe in divine timing, so I do believe outside of maybe a week or so, that the timing on this was exactly how it was meant to be, but this was such an amazing energy for me to get into around possibilities and what was possible when I trusted and believed it to be. With that, I want to leave you with an important question and really, a powerful (re)centering point…

Where have you shut off a possibility or are blocking yourself from an easier (and really, easy!) and more joyful outcome?

To possibilities!