Abandonment Videos

I recently created a new YouTube Channel that addresses abandonment issues for women. This is a big part of my true calling in this life, and I’m so excited to share my knowledge with you to help you to heal this and so many of the defining patterns that can come with it!

What to Do When You Find Yourself Accepting Crumbs in Your Relationship and Life
Not getting what you want in your relationships and life? In today’s video, Deb talks about why this is and some steps you can take to begin to change it.

How Doing It All Yourself Can Block Love in a Relationship or a Relationship Altogether
In today’s video, Deb talks about how the belief and need to do it all ourselves can block love in your relationship or a relationship altogether, why this is and several practices to begin to shift this quickly.

The Practice of Being Okay Being Single and How to Begin to Shift This
Why aren’t we really okay with being single and how do we start to shift this in our lives? In today’s video, Deb addresses these and shares some powerful awarenesses and practices you can do to change this.

Why It Can Take Longer to Get Over Someone and How to Use This for Your Benefit
In today’s video, Deb shares why it can take longer to get over someone and the biggest practice you can do to start to move past it.

How Owning Your Needs Can Help Minimize (And Eliminate) Long-Term Anxiety to Feel More Fulfilled
Have you struggled with anxiety over time? Understanding and mindfully owning your needs can help you to significantly shift your anxiety levels, feel less alone and live a more fulfilled and calm life, whether you suffer from anxiety or not. It can also help you to know how to take care of yourself when you’re feeling triggered in your relationships, and even, to prevent many triggers all together because of doing this. In today’s video, Deb walks you through how to do this and why this is so important.

Three Awarenesses Around Competition (+ Jealousy) That You Haven’t Thought of To Change It For Good
Ever feel competitive (or jealous) where it’s not working for you? Would you like to change this? In this video, Deb shares three awarenesses that can help you to shift these for good.

Why We Can Need Things to Be Perfect and What to Do About It to Change This
In today’s video, we talk about where our need to have things perfect stems from and how to begin to shift this.

How to Give Yourself Closure When You Don’t Get It From Your Ex
Needing closure from an ex and not getting it? Here’s why you need it and how to give it to yourself.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Protect Yourself from Getting Hurt in Your Relationships
In today’s video, we talk about why you shouldn’t try to prevent getting hurt and a key tool that can help shift getting hurt in your relationships for good.

Waking Up with Anxiety – An Awareness You May Not Have Heard + How to Shift How You Start Your Day
Do you often find yourself waking up with anxiety? Here’s what causes it and what to do about it, so your day isn’t filled with anxiety.

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Prioritized in Your Relationships
Not feeling prioritized in your relationship(s)? Here’s why and what you can do about it.

How to Let Go of Someone or Something in Your Life
In today’s video, Deb talks about what can cause us to have trouble letting go and what to do about this to start to shift it.

How to Stop Feeling Jealous of Others and Their Relationships
Do you often feel jealous of others and/or their relationships? Here’s why and what you can do to start to change this and have what they have.

What to Do When the Same Issue Keeps Happening Over and Over and Nothing’s Working
In today’s video, Deb talks about why you may be experiencing the same issue over and over again and what to do about it.

What to Do When You’re Feeling Anxious or Alone in Your Relationship or Life
Do you often feeling anxious and/or alone in your relationships or life? Do you find yourself feeling particularly alone in these challenging times? Here’s one tool that you can use that will significantly rewire this in every aspect of your life the more you use it.

Why You May Be Having Trouble Having a Long-Term Relationship
In today’s video, Deb discusses why we can have trouble having long-term relationships and three powerful tools to begin to change this.