Loving Difficult Family During the Holidays

family holidays

While for many, the holidays with family are filled with fun and love, for others, the holidays can bring up old tensions, arguments and challenges. For those that fall into the latter category, here are some tips to make the holidays more free flowing (and loving!). 1. Cut All Cords. So, first of all, what do I mean when I say, “Cut All Cords?” From the time when we’re little, it’s very common for our family members to subconsciously put certain cords in us (and us in them). These cords hold us to certain roles, expectations and stories. Examples of […]

How To Stay Light In Dark Times + Manage Your Energy

I hope you’re having a good week! With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s important that we’re taking good care of ourselves while we’re taking a stand in the world. In today’s video, I want to share with you some of the questions and ideas I shared around staying light during dark times and what I’ve been doing to manage my energy. After all, if we’re not taking care of ourselves, it’s very hard to help others and take a stand in the world for what we believe in. Watch the below video here: I hope […]

A Simple Tool to Help You Practice Gratitude In Challenging Times


With everything that’s happening in the world right now, practicing gratitude is more important than ever. And, while this is the case, you may be finding it harder than ever to count your blessings. For me, I noticed this less than a week ago. Normally, I relish all of my life, including the difficult moments, as I recognize these and welcome them with gratitude as opportunities to grow and expand. But, the other day, as I was sitting on my couch, I noticed I had lost a piece of my true truth and had fallen into a bit of a […]

How Our Patterns and Energy Impacted the US Election and Your Responsibility Moving Forward

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Previously Seen on Huffington Post  I’m desiring to respond to everything that’s happened in the last week, and yet I’ve been struggling to respond at the same time. While I tend to stay away from politics, I’ve seen so many posts, articles and physical and verbal actions hurting each other and making each other wrong, I feel a pull to come forward. With that, my desire with this article, through talking about the patterns and energy, is to bring light, connection, hope and awareness, not further separation from each other. So, first of all, I want to say, we’re all […]

Subconscious Patterns: Are These Stopping You From Having What You Want In Your Life?

subconscious patterns

I work with a lot of women who come to me with things they are wanting in their life. This can include everything from attracting their love partner to making more money and everything in between. And, the one common thing I see is, while they have a strong desire for what they are wanting, they are stopping this from occurring because of subconscious patterns they’ve taken on from their childhood. Let me explain. Say, for instance, you are desiring a love partner. You may even have no difficulty meeting men. Unfortunately, though, the men you do meet are all […]

A Piece of Relationship Advice for Successful Women that No One’s Talking About

big love

As I move toward big love in my life and reflect on relationships past, it’s become clear to me why a love partnership hasn’t happened for me up until this point. My story is not unlike many. I grew up in a family where achievements and accomplishments were rewarded. Straight A’s. Check. Lots of extracurricular activities. Check. And, really, a life full of adventure, travel and doing. Check. Fast forward to when I entered the corporate world and this positive reinforcement worked really well to help me climb the ladder and move into six figures. It did not work well, […]

Being Invisible and Hiding Out

hiding out

Hiding out and playing small are patterns. And you can break them…via @DeborahAcker Click To Tweet Do you ever feel invisible in your world? Maybe you’re playing smaller than you desire to and are hiding out from the work you know you’re meant to do in the world and stepping into the biggest version of yourself? I’ve been there. For years, I settled for less than I desired and deserved in my life. I’d walk into a room and feel invisible around people I’d known for years, people who were supposed to be my friends. I’d go to work and […]

My Mom’s Battle with Cancer When I was a Teen

What I Don’t Want You To Know About Me + Owning My Truth I did this video last week on Facebook Live on what was going on inside of me as a high school teenager, as my mom battled cancer. The video for me was edgy, to say the least, as I knew, even before I got on the video that, where I was that day, I would cry if I shared this story. Owning my truth But I just knew I had to share it. And after I did the video, a piece of me wanted to hide and […]

Why You Should Cry More

why you should cry

How Our Tears Lead to Increased Happiness and Presence I want to talk about a question I’ve been getting a lot lately – about crying. I know, as a society, we’ve been conditioned not to cry, especially not in public, and even worse, that our tears are wrong. But what if our tears are the key to releasing our pain? And, what if every time you hold in your pain and don’t release it, you increase the odds of it happening again? Let me explain. When we’re kids, we have many difficult moments that happen, but unfortunately, with messages like, “Toughen […]

The biggest thing that’s stopping you from having the life you want

The biggest thing that’s stopping you from having the life you want I’ve been working on a Pattern-Breaking Group Program, and as part of this, I’ve been thinking a lot about patterns. And, I’ve come to realize that the biggest thing that is stopping us from having the life we want is our patterns. So, first of all, what is a pattern? A pattern in the way that I define it is a set of behaviors, beliefs, emotions, blocks or energies that keep recurring over and over in your life. One super common pattern I see is settling for less […]