The thing that stops us from having the life we want: Our Patterns

How to Identify and Clear Our Patterns and Be True to Ourselves I work with a lot of people around their patterns and pain, and what I’ve come to realize is this is the single-biggest thing that’s stopping us from having the life we want. So, first of all, what is a pattern? A pattern in the way that I define it is a set of behaviors, beliefs, emotions, blocks or energies that keep recurring over and over in our lives. One super common pattern I see is settling for less than you desire and deserve in your life. Many times, […]

What Causes Our Patterns and How to Heal Them

I work with a lot of women who come to me with things they are wanting in their life. This can include everything from attracting their love partner to making more money and everything in between. And, the one common thing I see is, while they have a strong desire for what they are wanting, they are subconsciously stopping this from occurring because of patterns and pain they’ve taken on and experienced in their childhood. Let me explain. Say, for instance, you are desiring a love partner. You may even have no difficulty meeting men. Unfortunately, though, the men you do […]

Are you protecting yourself unnecessarily?

Three Ways We Try to Have Control in Our Lives I want to talk to you about the ways we protect ourselves. For me, I’m noticing that, many times, to try to protect myself or keep myself safe, I try to determine an outcome before I step forward. For example, if I’m putting my work out to a group, I’ll try to figure out if they’ll say yes and even think that if I word something a specific way or say too much/too little, this can have an impact. This gets magnified with being super intuitive, as I’m constantly trying […]

Where are you dangerous?

The other night I was having dinner with a friend and the question, “Where are you dangerous?” came up. At first, it took me a bit aback. There was something about the question itself that felt dangerous, something that when the question itself truly landed in me, scared me a bit. This was understandable, too, as it’s easy, and really, safe, not to think of our lives in this context. After all, we’re all doing the best we can in any given moment, and most of us are conditioned to move away from things that scare us, or are even […]

Should “Popularity” Matter to You as An Adult?

Finding Connection Without Taking Sides It’s been decades since I was in high school. Since leaving, I had forgotten about the popularity paradigms that plagued most awkward teenagers throughout their adolescent years. Yes, since then, occasionally I have been pressured to drink when I haven’t wanted to, and on a rare moment, I see people seeking to be, look and act cool. But, really, I haven’t given it much thought since I was 17. That is, until I went on a trip to Ecuador, paired with a bunch of strangers, ranging from ages 17 to sixties plus. At first it […]

He has no idea how much he changed my life…

It was several years ago now. I had met a guy I was truly excited about, and we had started dating. This time was going to be different. You see, in my mind, I was making a different choice, not to mention he checked all of the boxes (or so I thought). Plus, I had all of the awarenesses around the type of guy I was dating (and years of therapy to prove it), and it was finally going to happen. Until the rug was pulled out from under me, and just like that, it was over before it had even begun. And, […]

(VIDEO) – How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

I hope today finds you well! This week I want to share with you a Periscope Video I did on how to rewire your brain for happiness, as part of a Community that I’m part of. In this video, you’ll learn: – Why we are wired towards negativity – A four-step process you can use to move towards more positivity in your life – How to rewire your brain against negative thoughts and experiences You can check the video out below: And, I’d love to hear what you think about this tool and how, as you’re applying it, it’s impacting […]

Go Ahead, Use It!

In our world, we like to define things as good and bad. We get a promotion or lose weight, it’s good. We get in a fight or our flight gets cancelled, it’s bad. And while I totally get this, I want to propose to you something different, so instead, I ask: What if everything, even the bad, is good? (Where do you think the saying “It’s all good” comes from? Lol.) Let me explain. When I say good, I’m talking about what if everything that’s happening, even the things we like to define as bad, is in our highest good? […]

Love is in and on the air!

With the upcoming holiday, I wanted to send out my most recent Periscope Truth Talk Tuesday on Love! In it, I talk about: – What truth looks like when you’re single and/or dating – My Truth Experiment in Dating – What’s important to look at before you get back together with your ex – What scarcity can look like around dating As well as some unconscious patterns you might have around this! You can watch my most recent video below and join me live on Periscope every Tuesday @deborahacker! Also, if you haven’t already and you like the above Periscope video […]

Are you holding back?

There’s something I’ve been noticing for quite some time that I want to share with you. It’s about how we give love. Most of us give it like it’s a limited resource or like it’s a million dollars we’re giving away. We reserve it for the special few and only after it’s truly been earned. But my question to you is why? Love is free. It’s a high-feeling emotion that feels really good and the more we give out, the more we get back. So, with all of that being the case, why do we treat it like it’s the […]